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F*#% the World With Anti-Rock Stars Angels in America at Sweat Records Tomorrow

These days, being a rock star isn't about mystery, aloofness, and fuck-the-world attitude.

Thanks to the inescapable ever-presence of the internet and the slow death of the music industry, the rock 'n' roll lifestyle has become a sterile, never-ending cycle of virtual fan friendship, high-speed schmoozing, and $9.99 album sales at Walmart.

But Moppy Pont and Merv Glisten of Montreal-slash-NYC noise duo Angels in America are different.

They're anti-rock stars. They're too mysterious, aloof, and full of fuck-the-world attitude to even sign up for a Facebook or Twitter account. And they give away a big chunk of their recorded catalog via WFMU's Free Music Archive.

So go learn some Cunt Tree Grammer, meet Cassie, check if you're Allergic to Latex, figure out what the fuck the acronym E.M.S. means, and then meet Angels, Roofless Rex, Holly Hunt, 90s Teen at Sweat Records tomorrow night.

No rock stars, internet addicts, or Walmart employees allowed.

Angels in America with Holly Hunt and 90s Teen, presented by Sweat Records and Roofless Records. Saturday, July 9. Sweat Records, Sweat Records, 5505 NE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 8 p.m. Visit

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