Elastic Bond's "Frecuencia Natural"

Elastic Bond returns to our ears with the deliciously danceable "Frecuencia Natural" ("Natural Frequency"). Though sung in Spanish by the always alluring and inviting Sofy Encanto, this track certainly carries their signature Latin rhythm and groove, but the spacey touches of electronica and the quasi-salsa/cumbia breakdown there got me bopping along with the kind of excitement you only get at Latin dance clubs.

Andres Ponce (keys/synths), Buffalo Brown (guitars), and David Burgos (trumpet) do a great job creating a surreal landscape for Encanto's voice to explore. While her name translates into "enchantment," it is never more evident as it is here, veering between multiple musical disciplines in under four minutes.

I also like how it opens with Air and Nouvelle Vague flair and hyphens itself into more traditional Latin music. Could this be the way immigrant communities will maintain traditional sounds as subsequent generations become more and more anglicized? Well, I don't know, that's beyond my realm of expertise, but it sure does sound like the kind of wild party where abuela's gonna get down and puff on your J.

Download: Elastic Bond - "Frecuencia Natural"

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