EDM: Five Most Annoying Buzzwords

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Speaking of "bangers," soon after "EDM" came the endless quest for the "drop." Instead of celebrating musicality, originality, experimentation or artistic expression, listeners boiled down the entire dance music experience into two parts: a build and a drop. If the build isn't big enough, the drop loses meaning. If the drop doesn't come, because some artist has a developed understanding of mood and dynamics, then all hell breaks loose and idiots demand a refund. This term has gotten so obnoxious and unavoidable, some blogs don't even call them "tracks" anymore, just "new drops." Go. Fuck. Yourself.


This used to mean something, but now it's almost as umbrella as "EDM" itself. It's supposed to mean movement and growth, building on something. Now, it just means everything, apparently. Check out the Wikipedia list of "progressive house" DJs, and you'll find everything from Bingo Players to Above and Beyond, Digitalism to Dada Life, Orbital and, of course, the late Swedish House Mafia. If you handed us a pen and told us to draw a conclusion, we'd only have a question mark on our foreheads.

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