Drake at the James L. Knight: A Stack of Photos From Last Night and a Lovelorn Open Letter

Crossfade -- and every other publication in the universe -- was denied reviewer access to last night's Drake show. Our blogger, Esther, took it pretty hard. So, alongside Crossfade's exclusive pics, read her lovelorn open letter. (Then go check out the full Drake slideshow.)

Dear Aubrey,

Where do I begin? Ever since I saw you popping wheelies and shooting hoops in your raggedy wheelchair as Jimmy Brooks in Degrassi: The Next Generation, I was hooked by your boyish charm and unique sense of humor.

You overcame so much on that show, getting shot, being paralyzed, getting pressured into having sex with your 8th grade girlfriend, Ashley. It must've been a challenge to go through all that stuff and still make top grades at Degrassi High. But you prevailed and I loved you for it.

Then the mixtapes came pouring out. Who even knew you liked hip-hop?!? From the looks of it, you seemed more of a Linkin Park kind of guy. But sure enough, you proved all of us wrong! Your 2006 thing, Room for Improvement, had nothing to improve! Your 2007 one, Comeback Season, was a comeback of its own! Then 2009's So Far Gone catapulted you into a superstar! Yes, "Best I Ever Had" was indeed the best I ever had.

With an endorsement by none other than the King of Rap himself, Lil' Wayne, you were soon dubbed Drake (AKA Drizzy), hip-hop's savior, a tanner and nicer version of Eminem, and my bona fide teenage dream. My little Jimmy Brooks is all grown up!

Let's not get it twisted, though. You've had your ups and downs. Your reputation was put on the line when you embarrassed yourself to shit during your debut on Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex's Freestyle Corner in April of last year. Who knew there was a web cam recording live? People need to realize that reading rhymes from your Blackberry is the new freestyle! They just didn't understand, Aubrey. But I did.

Then that tragic fall in July, where you twisted your ankle in front of millions. I held vigil for two months straight. It was a tough moment for both of us. I listened to "Successful" on repeat and cried for days.

Next there were the set-backs on the latest LP! It was initially supposed to come out in October 2009, then you pushed back to March of this year. Then April! Then May! Then finally ... FINALLY ... Thank Me Later was released on June 15, 2010 and sold 447,000 copies in its first week. I personally bought 365 of them, one for each day of the year, so I could listen to it like it was brand new.

And Aubrey, I know that the first song, "Fireworks," on the LP wasn't about me. It was for that bitch, Rihanna. I had a sick feeling you and her had something going on late last year after her breakup with Chris Breezy. But no bother, I've moved on from that painful discovery and I feel like our relationship has gotten even stronger.

Then again, the backstabbing lies ... You marrying Nicki Minaj via Twitter was cold! I mean, seriously, rubbing that in the faces of your 1,299,104 followers was a low blow. Thank God, Nicki denied the marriage and moved on to banging Kanye. But now, this photo that just surfaced of you getting close and comfy with no-name, talent-less MTV's Sweet 16 has-been Teyana Taylor!?! WTF!?! Why are you doing this to me?!?

I know you're upset with me. I didn't mean to get your cell phone disconnected, but you just wouldn't pick up my calls! And to deny me a press pass to cover your Miami concert at James L. Knight Center ... I'm speechless! Please, Aubrey, can we please try to work this out? I mean ... it's been 9 long years of being in this relationship. Remember what you said: "I'm more than just an option/ Hey, hey, hey/Refuse to be forgotten/Hey, hey, hey/I took a chance with my heart ... I feel it takin' over. I better find your lovin'!"

Please, Aubrey. It's not too late. You can still grant me backstage passes to your Tuesday night show as well as VIP access to LIV the very same night. I know the Fontainebleau has some great room rates right now, so let me know. Call me, please.


esta <3 drake

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Esther Park