DJ NVS Styles's Best of Biggie, Volume One Brings Back That Boom-Bap Beat

DJ NVS Styles's Best of Biggie, Volume One Brings Back That Boom-Bap Beat

Miami's DJ NVS Styles has slowly gained notoriety over the past couple years thanks to his killer mixtapes. Most recently, he released the 2010 Get Wasted mixtape that scored him a nomination for "Best Rap Mixtape Of The Year" at the SEAs (Southern Entertainment Awards), where he received a total of three noms this year.

Well, NVS Styles decided to switch things up a little bit and put together a new series of mixes entitled the "Best That Ever Did It." And the first featured artist is Notorious B.I.G.

The Best Of Biggie, Volume One is a nice collection of the classics from one of the most celebrated emcees in hip-hop. The mixtape starts off with a custom scratch intro by NVS and a very boom-bap beat decorated with various lines from the one and only B.I.G. Next there's an original remix of "Nasty Boy," followed by selections from Ready To Die, Life After Death, and the posthumous albums -- not to mention the always amazing Biggie-Tupac live freestyle from 1995.

Overall, if you're a true Biggie fan or even just a New York hip-hop accolyte, there isn't much on this tape you haven't heard. However, a lot of people probably haven't dusted off those old Notorious B.I.G. CDs and tapes in a while. So NVS Styles has saved you the trouble and put all the classics in one compact downloadable package.

MP3: DJ NVS Styles's Best Of Biggie, Volume One

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