DJ Khaled's "They Don't Love You No More": Why It Actually Doesn't Suck

Remember when DJ Khaled was just some loud motherfucker on Miami's 99 Jamz, restarting every track about five times, and yelling at us to "Listennn!" even though the greatest impediment to actually paying attention was his own obnoxious cries?

He used to just be our disruptive big boy. But ever since his 2006 debut Listennn... the Album premiered at number 12 on the Billboard 200, he's been one of the world's booming hip-hop hit machines.

To be honest, Khaled can be really annoying, and not all of his career decisions have been boss moves. When we heard he was coming out with another hit collection for the summer, we were hesitant. But after giving it some "listennns," we have to admit, Khaled done did it again.

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First of all, did you see the intro that he gave this thing on MTV? The blogosphere was calling him the Macho Man Randy Savage of hip-hop, and while he's certainly a heavyweight in multiple regards, they mostly meant that he stood up and started "screaming" about how the "summer is always mine."

The clip comes off kind of scripted and hollow (much like that weird proposal to Nicki Minaj), but it got the message across: This new DJ Khaled song will fuck you up and play every twenty minutes until the end of August.

Well, lo and behold, the mouth doesn't motor for nothing.

"They Don't Love You No More" picks up where Suffering From Success left off. He's still angry at the world about the way it treats him, not because he's poor anymore, but because he's rich and all his friends are phonies. Everyone wants to kill Khaled, apparently, and now that he's hitting the gym, they might be more dangerous than his cholesterol levels.

The name of this new album is I Changed Alot, and if we overlook the grammatical fumble (srsly, no one at the label copy-edited that?), we'll see that it's entirely true. Khaled may have just turned into Kanye, because this beat has Yeezus written all over it. That snarling bass boiling just under the surface? That scratchy interview-style sample on the intro? Jay-Z on the track, and he's screaming? The world may never be the same.

But even if it is, stylistically, a Yeezus copycat, who the fuck is complaining? This beat is raw, and it's really about time Jay hopped on a Khaled beat. Ross and Meek Mill bring it hardcore, while Montana's Auto-Tuned hook keeps the track catchy. We are loving this next step. It might be the rawest Khaled track to ever grace the airwaves, and it certainly makes us proud to call him homegrown.

Hopefully, the video comes out, like, immediately. We'll happily "listennn" all summer long. And if anyone wants to start hating, they can just suck a Rick Ross titty.

We da best.

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