DJ Craze and Codes Are Cooking Something Up at Slow Roast Records

There were strange sounds simmering over at DJ Craze's Slow Roast Records earlier this week. The Miami beat maker was holed up in his studio with Codes cooking up some dance beats.

Here's how it all came together ... Codes was visiting Miami from New York City to celebrate Grand Central's one-year anniversary and the video release party for Craze's new single "Dance Alone." And since these two dudes happen to be serious workaholics, they immediately got to work on a brand-new track and a kickass remix.

We caught up with Craze and Codes at SAE Institute this week to ask a few questions about their collabo.

Crossfade: How'd you guys meet?

Codes: I kind of knew him just from coming and DJing in my hometown in Rochester. And then he became tight and started a record label with my good friend Kill the Noise. So I sent him music for a minute and he's like, "Alright, you're gettin' it. That's one of the good ones. Do four more of those."

Craze : Exactly. [Laughs]

Codes: And we'll put out some records.

What have you worked on together before this last weekend?

Codes: This is our first time in the studio together.

Craze: I wanted to bring him down for the party I was doing for my video release thing. I was like, "Yo, I'll bring you down for a couple more days and we can just chill and make beats, smoke a lot of weed."


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What have you been working on the last few days?

Craze: We started this one house tune, sounds dope. And then we have this special little remix that we're working on. Hopefully, it gets OK-ed. We're gonna finish that one and start another one tonight.

Codes: Yeah, we did a deeper kind of house record and this new remix, which is kind of a moombahton remix of a very big house record. We can't really talk about it until we figure out what's going on with it and we're going to try to bang out one more.

How are you going to put it out? 

Craze: Hopefully, it comes out with a single. But if it doesn't, then we'll just blog the shit out of it.

So Codes, do you DJ a lot in New York? Do you have a regular night? 

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Codes: I have another side project that I do, a dubstep night there. But I'm trying to not really ... I'm too busy traveling and trying not to focus on New York. More just on the road trying to play shows. But eventually, I want to start doing a Slow Roast monthly or quarterly party in New York and I'm in the midst of putting that together.

Craze: That would be fresh.

So Craze, are you on tour a lot? 

Craze: Yeah, every weekend I'm out. Next week I'm going to Manila and Korea.

Where's your favorite place to DJ in Miami? 

Craze: Grand Central. That club's dope.

Do you have any plans to work together in the future? Where do you hope this goes? 

Craze: Hopefully, we make some bangers and then we can make some more bangers. I'm working with everybody on the label. I'm working on a tune with Kill the Noise, with Klever, and I want it to be like a little family thing where we can spread ideas and collaborate, bump out good music.

So Codes, is this the first time you've done anything here in Miami? 

Codes: Nah, I usually come down and play a couple of shows at Winter Music Conference. But this is the first time I played non-WMC before.


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Who should we be looking out for? 

Codes: Danny Daze is killing it. I'll definitely look out for this guy. Craze has got some dope new stuff coming out.

Craze: Not really. [Laughs]

Codes: That dude Jules, this young kid.

Craze: This little kid from Miami. He's like, what? Nineteen? He's killing it. He's got remixes for Laidback Luck, for Ultra. He's a crazy Moombathon kid too.

Codes: Really, I think Slow Roast is good at knowing what's coming up, what's gonna be big. Just keep your eyes out for Slow Roast.

Craze: I agree. I totally agree. [Laughs]

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