Diddy Changes His Name to Swag for a Week

Sean Combs used to be famous for hanging out with The Notorious B.I.G.

Now he's famous for a bunch of stupid crap like Making the Band, a show whose cultural relevance can be measured in how funny you find Dave Chapelle's parody.

In addition to tabloid fodder like gun scandals with Jennifer Lopez, another excellently inane footnote on the Sean Combs Wikipedia profile is the rapper-producer's endless name changes, the most recent being the dumbest.

We all met Combs as Puff Daddy, alternately tagged Puff and Puffy. And I feel like I remember people saying "P. Diddy." Then it was Diddy. And now he's asking people call him ... Swag! And only for a week.

Seems like Combs .. Excuse me, Swag, may have had a little too much of that Cîroc he's always pushing. Apparently, the actual impetus for the change is Swag's recovery from a recent illness. He wants this "comeback" to be something a little extra special. Something that makes you change your name for a week.

Crossfade sorta believes the stated reason for the change. But we also suspect Combs is desperately trying to stay relevant with the Odd Future/Lil B/Facebook crowd, all of whom are obsessed with saying ... Swag!

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Matt Preira