Dennis Ferrer on Mansion Incident: "Sad to See People Force-Fed a Misrepresentation of EDM"

See also "Dennis Ferrer's Final Word on Getting Kicked Off Mansion Miami's Stage for Not Being 'Commercial Enough.'"

Yesterday, we told you about South Beach's Mansion kicking its headliner Dennis Ferrer off the decks mid-set for not playing "commercial enough."

Well, the Opium Group is still unavailable for comment. But Dennis Ferrer has disclosed some more details about the incident on the Deep House Page forums.

"Gettin' taken off decks is quite a sobering and humbling experience and one I shall not want to be repeated," Ferrer wrote on Monday.

UPDATE DJ Shadow kicked off the decks at Mansion Miami, just like Dennis Ferrer.

He also mentions some of the tracks that weren't considered "commercial enough" by Mansion: Storm Queen's "Look Right Through" (Jamie Jones Remix), Phil Weeks' "Jack to my Groove," and Subb-an's "This Place" (Nic Fanciulli Remix).

Dennis Ferrer's Mansion Incident

Miami's Mansion Nightclub Stops DJ Dennis Ferrer's Set for Not Being "Commercial Enough"

Mansion on Dennis Ferrer Incident: "We Had to Make a Call When His Set Cleared the Venue"

What's more, Ferrer claims the club knew very well what they were getting into musically when they hired him and it was actually a deliberate choice to showcase Ferrer's style of music. "It was reported that they were willing to try a bit of a directional reversal," Ferrer says. "It was even twittered by many as so. We had played there twice before, trying to develop something, and it seemed to be working out. But people come and people go and directions get switched in an hour!"

He adds, "I threw my hands up and got asked to be off after around 40 minutes...no harm no foul..I laughed..tweeted.. got over my initial anger and kept it moving.

"Sad though to see tons of beautiful young people being force fed what I tend to believe is a misrepresentation of the EDM culture. But wtf.. who am I to say what sounds good and doesn't...everyone has got opinions like they have what again?"

Sure, everyone has opinions like expletives. But this incident has definitely rallied hundreds, maybe thousands of EDM fans across the web who share the same opinion that megaclubs like Mansion are helping to lower the standards of music in Miami and beyond.

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