Dean Martin, Cocaine, Strippers, Groupies, and the Rat Pack Now

Rat Pack Now are a South Florida-based music and comedy tribute act featuring a Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator. They perform around the country for corporate events, trade shows, country clubs, and are regulars at the Fontainebleau, where they have a show booked in July.

We found an ad for their new website on  and decided to call Dean Martin up and interview him in character. We asked him about liquor, strippers, drugs, and running train on groupies.

After the jump, check out what he had to say.

Crossfade: First off, who's Dean Martin for the people that don't know?

Dean Martin: Well hell everybody knows Dean Martin, Old Deano, the Italian crooner. The Rat Pack y'know. The Rat Pack is the name of the act that existed with me, Frank, and Sammy from about 1958 to 1964. In just that 6 year period we were the biggest thing in Las Vegas.

People they may not

realize that me, Frank, and Sammy were part of the original

entertainment of the whole strip of Miami Beach back when it was all

brand new. It's like being back where we belong. We been here before so

we're here again.

How you doin' today?

Old Deano's here. I haven't had my drink yet this morning, but I'll do my best to get my mind going for you.

What's the best drink for breakfast?

My favorite breakfast drink is bourbon and corn flakes.

How many girls did you wake up with this morning?

Well, I had one girl knockin' at my hotel door all night. Finally this morning I let her out.

Have you and Frank and Sammy ever run a train on a groupie?

Run a train? We never heard of that. We're lovers not fighters. But we love our groupies. We'd take em all home with us if we could. I don't think my wife would like that too much though.

What strip clubs do the Rat Pack like going to?

I leave that to Frank and Sammy, they're the guys who do the strip clubs. My days of stripping are over. Nobody wants to see me take my clothes off.

What's the best drink to start off the night?

If it wasn't for the olive in my martini I'd starve to death, so I love my martini.

What's the relationship between alcohol and music?

The more they drink the better we sound.

Who in the Rat Pack parties the hardest?

The undisputed champ, the winner of the Jack Daniels talent contest, Mr. Frank Sinatra. He can go all night long without a doubt. Frank spills more than I drink. Speaking of drinking, I always feel sorry for people who don't drink cause when they wake up in the morning that's the best they're gonna feel all day.

How do you feel about 18-year-old girls?

Me, I'm just happy drinking. I found a bar with a sky light so I can work on my tan and drink at the same time. Miami is perfect for me. I love the golf down here, very early this morning I got out there and I hit two great balls. I stepped on a rake.

So you like Miami?

I gotta tell ya I feel safe down here. We were doing a gig at the Fontainebleau and on the way I got pulled over. The cop said "You must be drinking, your eyes are bloodshot," I said "You must have been eating donuts, your eyes are glazed."

How do you like the cocaine?

Not in my vocabulary, but I'm not gonna drop the names of my fellow performers who love it.

To book Rat Pack Now, call 954-441-2629, or e-mail [email protected]

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