David Guetta Moves to Edgewater: "This Is a Little More Cool, a Little More Cultural"

David Guetta is something of a perverse pioneer. He's a true trailblazer, even if we don't all necessarily want to follow his path.

Several years ago, the scraggly-bearded Frenchman brought dance music to the masses unlike anyone before him. And today, he still sits atop the pop charts, alongside Miami natives and residents like Pitbull, Flo Rida, and Lil Wayne. So why not join the rest of these hitmakers by moving to the MIA?

However, unlike most other stars, David Guetta hasn't chosen a long-established celebrity enclave. The "Fuck Me, I'm Famous" DJ is once again poised to lead the way -- but not in a musical sense. He is joining the real estate takeover of non-SoBe Miami, essentially becoming the latest face of mainland Miami gentrification.

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Get ready, hipsters ... Guetta is officially moving to Edgewater.

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"One of the reasons that got me excited about this project was the neighborhood," Guetta told us.

We met him on NE 31st Ave. right off Biscayne, along the bay. It's the future site of two chic skyscrapers situated on a one-acre plot of land to be called Paraiso Bay. You may have seen conceptual pictures on bus stops in downtown Miami. Imagine a pair of silver towers, covered in strange, effervescent bubbles.

"Being from Europe, I always thought that Miami was only Miami Beach. And like everybody from France, that's what we think," he added. "Of course, it's amazing, but for me to buy a place, I need also something else. Then I discovered the art district and the Design District and all of this, and I'm like, 'Wow, this is a little more cool, a little more cultural.'"

Yes, it seems the very thing that's made Miami livable for its artsy-fartsy dreamer kids is now the future playground of the globe-trotting upper class. Of course, rich people don't want to live next to Wood Tavern, so they're going to take over whatever grass clings to water.

"I would have never imagined this would exist," Guetta said. "It's like the perfect combination between a little bit of that European flavor and it reminds me of home. But at the same time, the sexiness of Miami and the beach and the beautiful weather."

Paraiso Bay is scheduled to break ground this summer. So anticipate some Edgewater rent hikes in the near future. Add to that the luxury retail stores planned to go up in Wynwood's northern reaches, and we'd say the families that have made these neighborhoods their home for decades are probably pretty screwed.

But hey! They get to say they live next to the David Guetta.

"It's my first time [owning property in Miami]," he said excitedly. "You know, my life doesn't really allow me to live anywhere for real. But because I play a lot in the U.S. and also play a lot in South America, I want to have a moment in the year where I am based here, and I can go do South America and the U.S. and have a home."

Look, we're being hard on the guy. Maybe he doesn't mean to be the voice of Miami gentrification. He just wants to make music, right?

Actually, we did try to talk to him about his upcoming full-length album, but it seems he's less keen to talk business than pleasure. Remember, though, to look out for your new neighbor at Ultra Music Festival 2014 and Story during Winter Music Conference.

"I have a new record called 'Shot Me Down,' that I'm going to present at WMC," he said. "It's at the moment number one on Beatport. It's more like a DJ record. And what more can I say? That's it."

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