D-Mac on "The Code": "My Friend Was Shot in the Back by Police"

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Crossfade: What is "The Code"?

D-Mac: "The Code" is the second visual from Dear Destiny, directed by FXRBES. The song uses a sample from the song "If You Love Me" by Brownstone.

What's it about?

The song is about principles and living by your word and being who you say you are and not getting caught up in the social media fake personas that everybody's carrying these days. It's just about being a real person and being a person that lives by a code of ethics.

What's the concept of the video?

We started off with Fred Hampton of the Black Panthers giving one of his speeches, an excerpt about standing up for a cause. There's some people that's for the people and some that want to be above the people. And if you're for the people, it's more than talk. You gotta prove it. Throughout the video, we used different clips from Civil Rights protests and things of that nature.

Was "The Code" video a response to the Michael Brown protests?

We filmed it a long time before Michael Brown. I was holding it and was gonna drop a different video. But with everything going on, I spontaneously released it.

What have your personal experiences with police been like?

Being from the inner city, I'm accustomed to how the police act. It's about 60-40 -- 60 percent racism, 40 percent police brutality. The police have way too much power, and I think it's a real shame.

Sometimes, I just don't know. I get so angry thinking about it. But it's real disheartening what happened with Michael Brown's whole case and what happened with Trayvon. We need to get the racist superiors out of position.

I've had a friend killed by the police before. He was shot in the back by police, and he was unarmed.

It puts black teenagers and other minorities in a very uneasy position, because the people we're supposed to trust and who are put in a position to protect us, they're more of our enemy than our enemies in the streets.

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