D. Cash and DJ Spinna Drop The Prequel

Representing Miami Gardens, D. Cash has been gaining big buzz lately. His instantly recognizable raspy flow makes him memorable from the first beat. Backed by 2Flyy Entertainment, D. Cash may very well be Miami's next break-out hip-hop star.

He just dropped his latest mixtape entitled The Prequel. And in D. Cash's own words, it's the "appetizer" tape to the main course that will be his 2 Real 4 Radio project coming out later this year.

Now this current tape features work with DJ Spinna, who you may remember as a young cutmaster from the Swag Skool DJs. (We posted one of his mixtapes not too long ago.) For Prequel, D. Cash and Spinna bring the right amount of today's hottest industry beats mixed with just the right amount of skits and interludes, including a heartfelt outro where D. Cash gives you a small glimpse into his personal life.

The rapper lost his grandmother a few weeks before finishing the tape. And in addition to the outro, the next-to-last track is a freestyle, "Window Seat," that's also dedicated to his grandmother. On it, D. Cash raps:

Reunited and it feels good, urban peaches

Wish my sis was still here, so she could see this

Candace is pregnant as your life restarted

I can't wait for his life to be apart of it

Now it seems like a child waitin' for a gift

When they told me I lost you, I lost it

I should've gave you the roses when you could still smell 'em

If you love somebody, make sure you tell them while you could still tell them

Overall, other than Phresh James assisting on "Everything I Love", this tape is all D. Cash. An aggressive emcee with a basis in lyricism, he still seems to know how to build great hooks and vocal arrangements. Download The Prequel below and watch out for the bonus track, "Beautiful Music."

Download: D. Cash -- The Prequel

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David "Dro" Rosario