Cut Copy Making Second Ultra Appearance in 2011

While our sources at Ultra Music Festival have neither confirmed nor denied that Aussie electro-rock band Cut Copy is appearing at Ultra Music Festival 2011, sites like Festival Outlook are reporting that the band's will be there. Evidence is pretty strong too, considering the band's booking agency, Windish, says so on its site. The band is listed to perform Saturday, March 26.

This will be the second appearance for Cut Copy. The band made its debut at the festival in 2009, which marked the end of a long and extensive 14-month tour for second album, In Ghost Colours.

However, this time around, the band will be appearing right after the release of Zonoscope, their third album scheduled to drop in February 2011. While still maintaining a ting of electro, tracks like "Where I'm Going" and "Take Me Over" allude to a more organic sound -- almost Beach Boys-like. It will be interesting to see how it works at an electronic music festival.

Again, it bears repeating, Ultra tickets are now on sale for at $179.95 for a three-day general admission pass, and $499.95 for VIP.

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