Crossfade's Guide to Day Two at Best of the Best 2011 With Shabba, the Marleys, and Others

Yesterday, Crossfade hooked up a guide to the first day of the Best of the Best fest. We got the mob. We got the grub. And we got the booze. But most of all, there's that block party music with rappers like the Boss Rick Ross and Travis Porter, divas like Ms. Keri Hilson, and slangers of slow sexy shit like Chris Brown and Trey Songz.

Now here's part two of our breakdown for this weekend's holiday blowout at Bicentennial Park. And in addition to a second shot of big crowds, corn on the fucking cob, and stiff drinks, it's all about a dancehall deejay, a couple of reggae heads, and a pack of local hip-hop heroes.

Sunday, May 29

Shabba Ranks

This 45-year-old Jamaican dancehall deejay is an old-schooler now. And he's hasn't released a new album in over a decade. But back in the day, Mr. Ranks was a chart-killer and a sex god. Specifically, it was 1992 and everybody was screaming "Shabba!" because "Mr. Loverman" was blasting out of every boombox in the hood. He was a weird looking dude and he croaked like a toad with a mouthful of mud. But you believed him when he said: "To satisfy her soul you know she want a man/But it's Shabba Ranks she buck upon/I gon' make she explode just like a bomb/Every hour, every minute, and every second/Dem call me Mr. Lover."

Stephen and Damian Marley

Do you know how fucking lucky we are? We live in Miami. And since the Marley clan has been based out of South Florida for decades, we get the chance to hang out with Stephen and Damian -- not to mention Ziggy, Julian, and Ky-Mani -- on an almost biannual basis. Of course, there's the Nine Mile Music Festival, AKA Marley Fest. And then there's Best of the Best. Again ... Do you know how fucking lucky we are?


When an invitation for any big Memorial Day bash in Miami arrives in the mail, one should always scan the guest list for one name -- Trina. 'Cause if the Baddest Chick isn't going to be there, neither should you. Luckily, she's booked to hit Bicentennial Park this weekend. So there's no excuse to skip out on this fest. Just go get off the chain wit' it, throw' it back, and ball wit' the Diamond Princess. Dress code: No panties.

Vybz Kartel

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Wow, it's the 21st Century. And here's the first sign that we're living in the some kind of strange sci-fi future: Musicians are no longer making appearances at major music festivals in the flesh. Instead, like dancehall mogul Vybz Kartel, they're being beamed down via satellite from (sorta) faraway lands like Jamaica and then broadcast on giant LCD screens for the enjoyment of the masses. Honestly, it's gonna be weird watching Vybz's Best of the Best set on an enormous television in Bicentennial Park, right?

DJ Khaled and Ace Hood

For years, Khaled has been keeping it live in the 305. He's a radio jock, a superproducer, and a rap mogul. And recently, the We the Best boss has been tutoring a 22-year-old Deerfield Beach mike mangler named Ace Hood. The student's most important lesson: Hustle hard, which he explained to RapUp.com earlier this month: "Never sleep. Work, work, and work." But we'd like to modify that theory a bit 'cause It's not just work that's done best without sleep. The same goes for ballin' with the best on Memorial Day weekend.

Best of the Best 2011. Saturday, May 28, and Sunday, May 29. Bicentennial Park, 1075 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Gates open at 5 p.m. on Saturday and 3 p.m. on Sunday. Single-day general admission tickets cost $52, two-day passes cost $95, and admission is free for children under 12. Visit bestofthebestconcert.com.

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