Crossfade Live: Mayday's Set at Get Some at the Electric Pickle

This past Saturday, Get Some at the Electric Pickle hosted Mayday for an hour-long set in the upstairs of the club. Wynwood was banging from a heavy-traffic art walk, the night was steamy as a hot bath, and the club was full of people. It should have been awesome.

Live sound ain't easy, so it's no wonder bands have problems in the Miami club scene. Venues need a board operators that know what they're doing, they have to pay them right, and they have to keep them in-house. They also have to buy and maintain equipment like microphones and the various cords and adapters that go with them. 

We understand that people break and steal them, but that doesn't make them any less necessary. And if you're gonna charge people to hear a band play, then you ought to provide the tools for them to do that. 

So, Electric Pickle, we're looking at you. 

Maybe this past Saturday was just a bad night, but whatever the reason, the sound sucked when Mayday played, mostly because the mics cut in and out. And, we hate to say it, but the bass didn't drop (was the bass player even there?), and the overall mix was unbalanced. 

It wasn't horrible, and though the room stayed at least 150 deep the whole set, the band never really caught the crowd outside of their loyal supporters who already knew the words to the songs.

Above is our Soundcloud recording of some highlights of the show. Pickle needs to step its live sound game up. They've got a great, centrally located venue and one of the best party crews behind their Saturday night, but competition is getting serious now on the Miami side of the bridge and there's a lot of money to be made -- or lost.

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