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Courtney Love Becomes a Cartoon, Drowns in Shame, and Kicks It With Karl Lagerfeld

Picture this: Courtney Love spins down a shame spiral, gets trapped by her fashion choices and confronted by über-designer Karl Lagerfeld, admits she wants to be "dignified like Chris Martin from Coldplay," and hangs out with Michael Stipe. We never thought this would happen, but Courtney Love has become a cartoon.

In the short animated film The Dark Night of the Soul, directed by Michael Mouris, laugh tracks add the backdrop for a wannabe rock 'n' roll sitcom.

Courtney sounds completely out of it, but tells Lagerfeld that she's "sober." And when she and Doherty her guitarist start discussing the color of a "motherfucking Birkin bag," we're pretty sure all hope is lost.

Original cropped photo still by Michael Mouris

Her hair then becomes a pile of noodles. An Asian woman starts doing sign language in the bottom right corner. Are


losing it?


goes to lunch with fashion mentor André Leon Talley and he tells her, "You are none

of these [bags]. You are a rockstar. That's just your bag." Love responds, "Well, it's

still pretty magical." Cue awkward segue to "Skinny

Little Bitch," a cutesy blonde going in head first for a

strawberry-topped cake, then assorted candy, which morphs into a video

installation at an art gallery. Are you dizzy yet?

"No, no, no,

darling," Lagerfeld continues. "The kook is never gone. You are the kook

and the grace, and we love all of it." All of a sudden the animation

morphs into live video of Love performing and fans cheering.

What's more interesting, still, is that Mouris transformed this short from pixels in photographs, see left. Check out the six and a half minute short below, and tell us what you think. Isn't Love a lot more fun when she's animated?

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