Cocodrills Name the Best Grub, Music, Pick-up Lines, and More in Miami

After years of being knee-deep in the grime of Miami's nightlife and music scene, Cocodrills have become experts on the city's best music spots, the best places for a meal, and the best summer drinks.

Before catching the duo tonight at the Electric Pickle for their monthly Tech-Support party with opener Jared Esdale, Crossfade linked up with DJ-producers Adam Cruz and Christian "Pridef" Diaz (as Pridef sipped on a Mango Bellini) to find out what they consider the best of the best in this town of booze, babes, and beats.


Pridef: I call it church. Others know it as the Electric Pickle.

Adam: While a couple of cool spots have sprouted up recently, without question it has to be the Electric Pickle. They've got quality bookings on a weekly basis.

Summer Track

Pridef: Jamie Jones, Hot Natured, and Lee Foss's "Forward Motion," featuring Ali Love.

Adam: That's like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. But I guess if you put a gun to my head, I'd go with Danny Daze's "Your Everything." Infectious.

Afterparty Spot

Pridef: An exclusive club in a mansion in an undisclosed location in Miami Beach. Check in on Sunday. Walk home Tuesday!

Adam: Anywhere with some good music, lots of booze, and chicks that are DTF! The rippin' and the tearin'! The rippin' and the tearin'!

Party of the Summer

Pridef: Bart Cruz and Kate Simko at Mandala Terrace.

Adam: I was definitely going apeshit during Guti's set at the Electric Pickle.

Place to Pick Up Girls

Pridef: Carpaccio at Bal Harbour Shops, 6 p.m. Yup, we're there. I love me some gold diggaz!

Adam: There are some great bargains on Biscayne Boulevard.

Pick-up Line

Pridef: "You know, I live a Magnum Lifestyle."

Adam: "Nice legs, what time do they open?" A 100-percent success rate. And by "success," I mean getting a drink thrown in your face.


Pridef: Mr. Chow's fire noodles while he karate chops at your dinner table.

Adam: I'm a picky little bitch when it comes to food because I don't consume meat or poultry. It's always a mission for me to find something to eat. But I am a sushi junkie, so you can catch me stuffing my face at Moshi Moshi on a regular


Summer Drink

Pridef: Mango Bellini (champagne and mango juice) with crushed ice. Rosé? Even better.

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Adam: I'm strictly about a whiskey on the rocks. But if you want to get all girly on me, then bring me a strawberry mojito.

Late-Night Munchies

Pridef: Los Perros' chicken hot dog with bacon. Best way to clog a toilet.

Adam: I fucking love pizza! Any pizza. I don't give a shit. I live close to Gino's on Alton Road which is open 24 hours. So after a few bong rips, I usually walk over there and grab two slices.

Clothing Store

Pridef: BASE boutique on Lincoln Road. You want a scoop shirt? They got it. You want a Kidrobot dildo? Sure, they got that too.

Adam: Atrium on South Beach always keeps me looking funky fresh. Yo, for realz. Werd.

Local Record Label

Pridef: Mr. Nice Guy ... Jesse Perez "Sally Said Woah!"

Adam: Got to love what Jesse Perez is doing with his label ... Mr. Nice Guy. Candela!


Pridef: "La humildad es la grandeza." Translation: "Stay humble."

Adam: "What is it about a beautiful sunny afternoon, with the birds singing and the wind rustling through the leaves, that makes you want to get drunk?" - Jack Handy

Cocodrills as part of Tech-Support. Thursday, July 28. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m. Call 305-456-5613 or visit electricpicklemiami.com.

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