Chris Brown Kills Rihanna in Law & Order: SVU Episode

Our nation loves a good cause, and we seem to have made Rihanna one of them. This whole country is just one bad-gal Instagram photo away from a million-man march to raise awareness and call for an end to the singer's tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown.

Never mind that the pair is "in love" and possibly balls-deep in the freakiest engagement of all time. He kicked her ass once, and gosh darnit, he'll do it again.

And according to this Law & Order: SVU episode inspired by the rocky gossip rag favorites, someone like Chris Brown could totally leave Rihanna floating dead in the water.

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An article in TMZ helped draw the parallels between the episode and the dramatic couple. The fictional pair is also superstars rising to fame through musical collaborations.

"Mischa" is addicted to "Caleb" and the lure of a shining career opportunity. She refuses to press charges when he leaves her face battered, even as the kind police lady tries to appeal to her role-model responsibilities.

Sadly, most behaviors are ingrained patters, so when Mischa asks about a text Caleb gets during their private yacht party for two, he seems to lose all footing in reality and sends her overboard, killing the 19-year-old star.

But Rihanna is still alive, and it seems as in love as ever with Chris Brown. At least he's moved on to punching male R&B singers -- for now.

Should Rihanna take heed and get out now before it's too late? Or are the Law & Order writers just getting all tangled up in what ain't nobodies business?

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