Bloody Beetroots Speed Metal Their Way Through Mansion, October 13

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The Bloody Beetroots
Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Mansion, Miami Beach

Better than: A root canal.

DJ sets are always awkward to review. There are hardly any of the theatrics of a live performance, and the only skill you can assess is whether or not the mix was any good. But Bloody Beetroots never disappoint. They give people what they want -- a party. If you're thinking last night at Mansion was all about tourists dropping ridiculous amounts of money on bottle service, well, you are right. But the 30-person crowd in front of the stage was there to see their masked superheroes. They trashed and moshed to every beat, making you easily forget that you were in South Beach.

The DJ tag teaming between Bob Rifo and Tommy Tea aimed to prove one thing: louder is better. As we're writing this, our ears are still ringing -- a sign of unrepairable damage perhaps. The set started oddly enough with the breakout "Warp." Usually, DJs wait to unload their biggest hits during the climactic points of the set or toward the end, but, hey, guess you gotta start with a bang.

We're not going to list all the songs that were played -- mainly because there was a good chunk we didn't recognize -- but it included original tracks like the aforementioned "Warp" and "Dimmakmmunication," along with dance-rock classics like Digitalism's "Zdarlight," to new school hits like Swedish House Mafia's "One."

Still, the set was decidedly and annoyingly electro-house, bringing us flashbacks of 2007. That was until an hour-and-a-half into the set when things got loud. By loud, we mean like Norwegian speed metal loud. We were tempted to ask someone if they could turn down the volume. It was probably at this point, we decided to retire for the night, knowing while the Beetroots' set was enjoyable, it wasn't worth the migraine.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: We come clean. We were totally rockin' to this shit circa 2006 and still have a soft spot for it.

The Crowd: Your token South Beach clubber along with geeks who looked like they stepped away from their Xbox for a hot minute to catch the Italian DJ duo.

Overheard in the Crowd: "What? I didn't hear you!!!! Can you repeat that?"

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