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Black Bobby's "Coming Soon (LeBron's Ring)" and Presidential Shit Release Show Tonight

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By now, Black Bobby's a recurring character here on Crossfade. Last month we caught him on "Miami Ave," and before that he was sparking a mini-war in our comments section with a Waka Flocka Flame dis. But if he shows up often here, it's because he's been hustling hard releasing mixtapes and free singles galore, all leading up to today: the official release of his artist album, Presidential Shit. (An aside: If you're a local rapper on a similar grind and feel left out, you can e-mail me right here to send a bio and music.) 

Bobby's a transplant from the DMV, and previous releases definitely showed the influence of landing smack in the middle of Miami's downtown club culture. While the rhyme patterns were straight hip-hop, the last mixtape especially, Negro Dialect, flirted with electro, dubstep, and other dance sounds. 

Presidential Shit, however, is more or less back to hip-hop basics: Head-nodding boom-bap beats with clever lyrics and not a lot of excess frills. It's a sound typified by the track below, "LeBron's Ring," in which Bobby announces his own arrival, as in, "Everybody knows I'm coming soon like LeBron's ring." It's not all seriousness and bravado though -- check the little doo wop-style sung "boo-ba-doops" for laughs and a reminder of the tongue-in-cheek quirk of 3 Feet High and Rising-era De La Soul.

It seems like the song also references Crossfade's own comments threads: "Every time I catch a little hate up in the papers, I write a hit that's bound to wake the neighbors." 

Grab it, and the entire album, below for free before checking Bobby out tonight at his record release party at Sweat Records. Check out what he had to say about Presidential Shit in a quick interview.

Crossfade: What exactly do you mean by "presidential shit?" can you explain the whole theme of "Black Bobby for president?"

Black Bobby: My music is "presidential shit." That's my style. I spit bars on a presidential level. And, with this campaign for president of hip-hop, I'm set out to prove it. My campaign is based on my talent and background. I can do more for hip-hop by representing the culture the way it's supposed to be represented. I also bring a different slice of the American Dream to the stage. My story is unique.

How do you think this new album shows your evolution as an MC and artist?

My album is all original music, taking it back to how I started. I want to influence the genre by adding a new voice and a new style. I am from D.C. and I live in Miami, so you can expect to hear the influence of both cultures on my record. I have this song, "Coming Soon", which has more of a D.C. go-go feel to it and is a total party record. I have some introspective, down-to-earth raps. Some boom-bap. And, I have lounge music like my samba track, "Viva Biz." I tried to give you a well-rounded album with diverse sounds.

Who are the producers on the record and how did you start working with them?

I am a big fan of Best Kept Secret through their work with Wale. I don't actually know them though. I just bought beats from them online. They are fresh and gave my album a lot of the live sounds you'll hear.  

I also plucked beats from Oddisee's free beat tapes online. He and I have actually communicated about my music and I told him I'd be using his tracks for this project. I'm a big fan of his raps and production. He's from D.C. also.  

I rounded out the production with my homie, local producer Soulviet who is just breaking into the game. He's a newcomer but his beats are tight and will surprise people.

Why did you choose to do your album release at Sweat, and what other shows do you have scheduled coming up?

I love Sweat Records. My old football coach always said, "Dance with the one that brought you." Sweat was there for me when I was just breaking into the game so I find it natural to keep playing shows there. I'm also performing during Art Basel at the Miami Independent Thinkers show and in January I'll be back at Sweat Records.

Follow Black Bobby on Twitter at @iamblackbobby.


Download: Black Bobby - "Coming Soon (LeBron's Ring)"

Black Bobby's Rekkid Stow Party. 8 p.m. Friday, November 19. Sweat Records, 5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami. All ages; admission is free. 786-693-9309;

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