Basketball Players Shouldn't Get on Jay-Z's Bad Side

Washington Wizard forward DeShawn Stevenson is finding that out the hard way. In what seems like a feud that was on it's way toward being a nonstory, Stevenson's war of words with LeBron James just went to an unexpected level. Over the weekend, Jay-Z recorded a (rather funny) diss track about Stevenson and suggesting that it's all because LeBron is dating his ex-girl.

It's a rare moment for Jay to jump into a battle between two other people and this article delves into the back story on this a bit more.

But here's a link for the track. It's not that big a deal, but it is random and the Oakland, hyphy, Too Short, "Blow the Whistle" vibe to it is enjoyable regardless of the lyrics.

Some people vacation during their honeymoon's. Jay-Z writes diss tracks. Go figure.

--Jonathan Cunningham


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