Ball Greezy and DJ 360 Team Up for Long Time Coming

Here's the news: Poe Boy and Strong Arm's DJ 360 has just teamed up with Ball Greezy and his We Good Entertainment imprint.

A native of Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood, Greezy is probably best remembered for his 2007 single "Shone. And this past summer, he was also part of the unofficial official Miami Heat anthem "We Already Won," dedicated to the Miami Heat's new Big Three: Wade, James and Bosh.

Now, Ball Greezy is using his new mixtape, Long Time Coming, to reintroduce himself to those that haven't heard from him in a while. It's also a formal introduction to those who haven't heard of him at all.

About twelve tracks deep, Long Time Coming is fifty percent street and fifty percent for the ladies. And while a song ("Haters") with "fuck all you haters" as the chorus is far from radio-ready; the song's bright beat and Greezy's melodies, make you almost think otherwise. And aside from the usage of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" for the intro, the mixtape is very Miami-sounding and very Southern-centric. 

The tape is solid. It's really just a matter of time before Ball Greezy finds that hit single that'll skyrocket him to hip-hop stardom. Not being afraid to experiment is his strength. And not being afraid to harmonize on choruses is an even bigger one. 

Download: Ball Greezy's Long Time Coming (Hosted by DJ 360)

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David "Dro" Rosario