Audiofly's Luca Saporito Talks Follow My Liebe, Flying Circus, and Partying in Miami

​As far as international EDM artists go, there's very little that Audiofly's Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton haven't accomplished in their ten-year run. In fact, the London-based duo's accolades are pretty much any aspiring DJ-producer's wet dream.

They own Supernature, one of the most hotly tipped labels on the transatlantic tech-house scene. They spearhead Flying Circus, one of the most popular party brands in the world, hosting marathon lineups with their extended family of world-renowned DJs. And they finally got around to releasing their debut artist album, Follow My Liebe, on Get Physical this year. Yes, Audiofly has done it all.

Crossfade caught up with Saporito ahead of Audiofly's performance with SAFE at the Electric Pickle this Thursday to chat about the debut album, globetrotting, and why Miami is one of his favorite spots in the world.

Crossfade: How did the Audiofly partnership first come about? And what is your working relationship like? What does each of you bring to the table individually?

Luca Saporito: The chicken and the egg question! [Laughs] Anthony was a pilot for NASA and I tried to convince him that music was a much better way to live a life. Going up and down the sky was not appealing to him anymore, so he decided to give it a chance!

On a serious note, we met through an Italian friend of mine who was dating his sister at the time. My Italian amigo convinced him to come to one of my local gigs (which he resisted for a long time) and we got talking. I found out at the time he was making music, and I was just dabbing my hands into that, so I expressed my desire to try a collaboration together. A few months later, we made that into reality and the synergy was so strong that we are still here, doing pretty much the same, ten years after. What Anthony brings to the table is immeasurable technical knowledge when it comes to making music and also an acute sense of uniqueness. Which, when you mix it with my skills (making pasta and repeatedly saying the same jokes until someone laughs), creates Audiofly.

This summer saw the release of Follow My Liebe. What can you tell us about the creative process behind it? And what made you decide to finally release an artist album after a decade in the game?

It was a labor of love, really, from beginning to the end. But it certainly was a very enjoyable time for us as artists and really brought us some musical sides of Audiofly that we didn't even know we had. We actually started an album two years before. But after listening to it by a pool in Mexico, we realized we weren't happy with the flow and scrapped it. Although a hard thing to do, it made us work harder at it and we still kept elements of the previous work. We are very happy that we made that decision. Writing an album is part of the creative process of an artist and the desire to write one always overwhelms you. We had to be disciplined and say no to many gigs, so that we could spend more time in the studio writing it. In the end, we are happy with the results and even happier that we could release with our extended family, Get Physical.

In this age of digital downloads and short attention spans, what made you go for for the LP format? 

Because we wanted to offer a product that stands the test of time. We spent many months, not just thinking about the music, but also the package and the way it would look. We actually did a photo shoot just for the album with our friend photographer, Michele Tabucchi. It was a fun day and the results can be seen inside the physical copy of the album. Get Physical gave us carte blanche on what we wanted to do and we were able to express our creativity fully when it came to it. In a way, it's quite sad what is happening to the music business because of the "throwaway" mentality of most people and it certainly is a huge topic of discussion among our friends in the scene. We are very conscious that nowadays, with the decline of vinyl, you have to put so much more effort for the music and the artwork associated with it to stand the test of time. I think we are lucky in a sense, because we are surrounded by very artistic people who inspire us on a daily basis, both in musical and artistic terms.

What prompted you to launch Supernature? And what's up with the label these days?

Supernature is an extension of Audiofly and really an opportunity for us to build a family of like-minded people who make music we love. We give a lot of thought to the people we are working with and the music we put out. We started out, as most of us do, completely inexperienced and went through a lot of trial and error when we first started. But today, we can safely say we are 100-percent happy with the direction we are going. Our next projects include a very special EP by Jay Haze who, other than being a dear friend, is an extremely accomplished producer. Those tracks he gave us have a very special value for him as they were made many years ago and they still sound fresh today. Also, last month, we welcomed James Teej onboard with an incredible release that is doing the rounds as we speak. And Solomun, who will grace your ears with some sweet music just after Jay. All in all, we are superexcited and blessed that we are getting into our fourth year with it.

Audiofly has played all over the world. What are some of your all-time favorite spots and why? 

Ibiza, for the island itself. Brazil, for its energy and the beauty of the land. Peru, for its incredible people, non-stop party, and, of course, the food. Miami, for the Electric Pickle. I know it sounds naff. But it really is one of the best places in the world. London, for its melting pot of people ... Shall I go on?

Flying Circus has become something of a world-class institution, with the yearly WMC edition being one of the most popular parties in Miami all year. How did Flying Circus first come about? And how did it grow to what it is today?

Flying Circus came about from an opportunity that our friend Diego Martinelli gave us four years ago to put on a party for Winter Music Conference. I remember that day as if it was today. I was in Toronto at the time, and he asked if I wanted to put on a party in Nikki Beach during WMC. I said, "Yes, of course." And within 48 hours, I had some of the best talent in the world agreeing to play for it. It grew to be one of the best marathon sessions during WMC. And even today, we cannot believe the incredible reaction it has caused among DJs and crowds alike. A few years ago, we met Heiko Goetze in Playa del Carmen -- now director of Flying Circus -- who brought it from being a party that we occasionally did around the world to a worldwide recognizable brand in a matter of months. Since that first time in Miami, Flying Circus has been to Lima, Moscow, Barcelona, Mexico, London, Georgia, and Ibiza, just to name a few.

So how do local Miami crowds (outside of WMC) compare to the ones in the EDM capitals of Europe?

One word: Unstoppable!

What's in store for Audiofly next? 

We are in the process of organizing our first Flying Circus compilation. But the details of it are still top secret. We are ending our worldwide Follow My Liebe tour, and we will be celebrating ten years of Audiofly in 2012. Watch this space, as usual.

Audiofly with SAFE residents. Thursday, September 29. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The show starts at 10 p.m. Call 305-456-5613 or visit electricpicklemiami.com.

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