ArtOfficial's "Too Nasty" Off the Upcoming Fist Fights and Footraces

If you consider most of the crap on Y100 to be hip-hop, we wouldn't expect you to understand. But ArtOfficial is the straight-up shiznit.

As Miami's answer to the Roots, this six-member band's been thrilling local fans and crowds abroad for the past few years, rocking venues with some of MIA's smoothest lyricists ever and deep, oh-so-damn-jazzy grooves.

Now ArtOfficial's got a holiday treat for your asses too. This week the crew's gonna be dropping an eight-track EP, Fist Fights and Footraces.

The EP was originally released in Japan in 2008, featuring five tracks from Stranger, as well as another eight. But ArtOfficial is now making the record available to its fans here in the States as a last-minute Christmas gift. It will finally become available at some point this week.

We here at Crossfade thought it'd be nice to hook our readers up with a little holiday love too. So we managed to score you a free advance download of "Too Nasty."


ArtOfficial's "Too Nasty"

ArtOfficial's "Too Nasty"

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Christopher Lopez