Art: Nonpoint's Miracle Arrived in the Mail Today, and the Packaging is Different

Fort Lauderdale's own Nonpoint just sent us a copy of its just-released, fierce rock explosion of a new album, Miracle. Unfortunately, the image on the right isn't nearly as bright and vibrant as the package sitting in front of me.

Holding the CD, I noticed that it looked like there was a promotional flyer folded up inside the packaging underneath the shrinkwrap. My curiousity got the best of me and I opened it. What came next didn't prompt Rod Serling to jump out behind me and announce that an episode of the Twilight Zone had just begun, but it was still pretty unusual.

To recreate the experience of examining Miracle for the first time, I brought the CD to our art director. The rest lives on in a YouTube clip. Spoiler alert: Our participant utters "What the deuce?" at one point.

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