Andy C at Eve September 4

If you're a drum 'n' bass head, we probably don't need to tell you about Andy C. But in all fairness, this is South Florida and not the working-class boroughs of London, so here's the lowdown: Andrew "the Executioner" Clarke is one of the demigods of international d'n'b. Schooled on the late-'80s UK rave scene and weaned on pirate radio, he was merely 15 years old when he launched his seminal RAM imprint and began honing his own sound in the studio. The results of those fledgling efforts were precocious, to say the least. Take 1992's "Valley of the Shadows," under the Origin Unknown moniker — it is widely considered the prototype for darkcore jungle, and a blueprint for drum 'n' bass of the millennial period.

Andy C has emerged as one of the pivotal figures on the bass scene. And in this new century, he's been a regular shoo-in for DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs and a permanent contender for the best d'n'b DJ in the world. His long-standing Nightlife mix series is considered the genre's finest, and his RAM night at London's prestigious club Fabric is a testament to his enduring popularity on the contemporary scene.

This Sunday, local heads will get a rare chance to catch Andy C outside of WMC and Miami Music Week when he takes over Eve. Joining him will be UK dubstep duo 16bit. And as if the headliners weren't enough reason to go, there will be a huge local lineup featuring Juan BassHead, Somejerk, Gooddroid, and Animal Krackerz.

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Sean Levisman