An Open Letter to The Decemberists, Love Crossfade

Dear Decemberists,

Congratulations, The King is Dead is a remarkable album. We can't wait to hear it live.

Actually, on second thought, we probably won't hear it live because the awful reality is that your tour's not stopping in Miami. Hell, it's not even tickling Florida's Panhandle. But that's what the letter's for, to convince y'all that the 305 is "itching to get more shows down here," including "another great indie folk band," like the Decemberists, in an effort to shake negative stereotypes associated with our music scene.

That's not only what Crossfade wants, it's what the people want. And Drew G. represents the people.

Drew is a gentleman who reads this blog, and last night the schoolteacher and indie folk enthusiast wrote me a letter highlighting the nearly month-long gap between your May 2 show in Atlanta, and Sasquatch! Music Festival in Washington on May 27. He too was saddened about being left off the second leg of your tour, describing the feeling as "royally bummed."

That's right, Drew loves the Decemberists so much, he used a phrase that linguistically links the sentiment of the band's namesake, to Miami's indie music plight. Just like the Decemberists of 1825 must've felt (bummed) after a failed uprising against the Russian Empire (royalty), Drew (Miami) feels equally crappy about being left off the unofficially titled The King is Dead Tour.

Yes, Decemberists, we're that serious about music. We get it. We get you.

Join Miami's cultural revolution and spend a few days with us in May. Relax on our beaches, and share your music with your fans and friends. C'mon, y'all, make it happen.



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Victor Gonzalez
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