Afrobeta is Blogging Now

Looks like Afrobeta has caught up with the times and have started a weblog, frequently shortened to "blog." This is an online journal of sorts that may be made available to the public or to only a select subset of readers, depending on the author's choice. In this case, the blog is public and available for your perusal. The main author appears to be Cuci Amador herself. 

You might be asking yourself, "Why should I give a fuck?" You should care because Afrobeta is one of the most fun and best bands to come out of Miami in a while.

The first blog lets us know that Afrobeta hosts the show at Jazid every Tuesday and that before they take over, a fellow named Ben operates an open mike poetry thing. I am assuming that the Ben in question is none other than Nastie's brother, Ben Shahoulian, the same fellow who set up next to the Poem Depot at Artwalk with some hand drummers and a megaphone not so long ago. Keep your eyes peeled and glued to this blog.

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