Adam 12 of She Wants Revenge Doesn't Care for LIV

We skipped out last night on Adam 12's (of She Wants Revenge) DJ set at LIV's Wednesday night party Dirty Hairy in favor of catching Skream and Benga at White Room. But after reading Adam's Twitter, we sort of wish we had. At some point last night, Adam tweeted: "Fuck LIV, peace out wack ass Miami." What caused such a strong opinion at this point is unclear.

However, when our city is attacked, we feel compelled to defend it. Adam, Miami isn't wack ass, unfortunately, LIV is just a poor representation of it. That's not to say LIV is a bad club -- it isn't -- but it caters to tourists looking to drop huge wads of cash. We wonder if it was perhaps because your set might not have been well received, which wouldn't be surprising to us. The Juan MacLean and Sneaky Sound System got lukewarm responses so don't take it personally.

We really hope you do come back, but maybe next time consider spinning somewhere in downtown Miami.

Update: Adam has tweeted again offering an explanation for the outburst. "I was passing a

kidney stone last night and went to LIV anyways, against drs orders, in

more pain imaginable. Please disregard prev message."

Er, sure.

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