A Tribute to Midwest Punk Rock

New York and London battle over bragging rights as the definitive birthplace of punk rock. Southern California is acknowledged as the second cradle of the genre, home to all of those amazing, sun-bleached '80s bands. But people tend to forget about the flyover states' place in the punk pantheon. Sure, things got cooking a little later there; in the pre-Internet days, it took awhile for music to filter in from the coasts. But the Midwest in fact produced its own seminal acts. So why not celebrate them on a random night at Churchill's? Some of our town's best beach-addled musical brains, along with other bands, will take the stage Friday night for a tribute to rock from left of the Mississippi.

Probably the most sensical pairing on the roster, the Miami-based sludgy post-hardcore act Consular is slated to appear as the ferocious, pioneering Detroit hardcore band Negative Approach. Tri-county quartet No Class Action will channel the Chicago melodic punkers of Naked Raygun, and Broward punk lifers the Shakers will bravely take on the catalogue of the hallowed Replacements. And in the best South Florida twist to this whole project, Miami's bilingual Guajiro will morph into Hüsker Dü, one of the reigning '80s "college rock" acts and one of the most staunchly gringo. This tribute could be really awesome or really awkward — only attendance will tell.

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Arielle Castillo
Contact: Arielle Castillo