'90s Homecoming: Ten Best Outfits, From Wayne's World To Blossom Hats

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The Blossom Hat

Before Zooey Deschanel made dark, large-framed glasses and over-sized forehead bangs a trend on New Girl, Mayim Bialik made floral hats a thing in the '90s. And thanks to her, hats with large flowers will forever be known as the Blossom hat.

"We're sooo nineties!" said the girls (and guy in red pants) as they showed off their look.

Paisley Shirts

The fashion of the '90s didn't spare anyone, not even men. Although some of the outfits of the time were questionable, it didn't take away from the fact that the '90s was arguably one of the best decades ever.

"Everyone was still nice to each other back then," said Nicole Clark who was decked out in all denim everything.

"Times were simpler," added the dude in paisley.

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