'90s Homecoming: Ten Best Outfits, From Wayne's World To Blossom Hats

Say what you wanna say, but the '90s rocked! Hip-hop was at its prime, koosh balls were all the craze, and grunge was the way to go.

Although we're waaay past the era of the Fresh Prince, Tamagotchi's, and Game Boys, that didn't stop us from partying like it was the 1990s.

Nineties babies dressed in floral print and combat boots, kids born in the '80s decked out in denim, Blossom hats, and Hammer pants, and even those born in the '70s rocked out to Biggie Smalls, Rico Suave, EMF, and Haddaway at the '90s Homecoming at the Vagabond.

Check out the ten best outfits and trends that took us back to the golden days of the '90s.

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Crazy Spice and Men In Uniform

The '90s started off at the peak of the Post-Cold War Era and ended with the Spice Girls.

"What inspired your outfits?"

"The nineties of course," answered the soldier's lady friend wearing a leopard printed top.

Today, we're still sending troops to the Middle East and pop groups are making a comeback. Maybe history does repeat itself after all?

The Fresh Prince

Because nothing screams the '90s like the flattop hairdo popularized by Will Smith.

TLC's Chilli Doppelganger

These girls made it clear that they don't want no scrubs because scrubs are totally lame. They'd rather have a guy who's CrazySexyCool.

Wayne from Wayne's World

Along with denim jumpsuits, the world was introduced to Mike Meyers at large thanks to Wayne's World.

No Doubt

Oh, the good 'ol punk days when No Doubt was still making music and Gwen Stefani was rocking out with bleach blonde hair and belly bearing tops.

Steve Urkel

Because who didn't love the original hipster mega nerd of Family Matters?

The Blossom Hat

Before Zooey Deschanel made dark, large-framed glasses and over-sized forehead bangs a trend on New Girl, Mayim Bialik made floral hats a thing in the '90s. And thanks to her, hats with large flowers will forever be known as the Blossom hat.

"We're sooo nineties!" said the girls (and guy in red pants) as they showed off their look.

Paisley Shirts

The fashion of the '90s didn't spare anyone, not even men. Although some of the outfits of the time were questionable, it didn't take away from the fact that the '90s was arguably one of the best decades ever.

"Everyone was still nice to each other back then," said Nicole Clark who was decked out in all denim everything.

"Times were simpler," added the dude in paisley.

Backwards Baseball Cap

You knew you were cool if you rocked this look. Especially if you were into hip-hop, much like Yarelis Cabrera.

"Wu-Tang, Tripod Quest, Black Star," she said were some of her fav hip-hop crews of the decade.

Dayum, girl!


There's something distinguishable about the plaid of the '90s... maybe it's the kilt, or wrapping it around your waist, or maybe it's just the Planet Hollywood jean jacket.

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