2 Live Crew's Brother Marquis on New Album, Turn Me On, and Three Decades of Dirty Rap

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Crossfade: Wasup, man. Much motherfuckin' respect for your work.

Brother Marquis: Thanks. We've been dealing with New Times for years and years and years. So it's a second home to us for literature and interviews and columns.

Where you from originally?

I'm from Rochester, New York. My moms moved from New York to California, and that's where I met Mr. Mixx, a very loyal guy who said if he ever got on in music he would call me to be part of it. One day, I got a call to come to Miami with Mr. Mixx, Fresh Kid Ice, and Luther Campbell and that's what I did, and we started making records, Miami bass records, with a subject matter that we got here out of Miami.

What was the first thing you recorded?

My first track with 2 Live Crew was on the album 2 Live Is What We Are. The group was already together before I came to be part of it. "Word" was the first song we did together. I made my first two records out in California in 9th grade and when I was a junior in high school.

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