The Hurricane Heist (PG-13)

Action/Adventure 100 min. March 9, 2018
By Bilge Ebiri
I mean, it has a scene where a guy flings hubcaps at another guy in the middle of a raging superstorm, with the wind turning the hubcaps into lightning-fast implements of destruction. It has impenetrable technobabble jutting up against awkward football metaphors and a reverie on peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches between a monologue on climate change and the triumphant revelation of a character's hidden home arsenal. If The Hurricane Heist didn't exist, America would have to dream it into being.

Director Rob Cohen, now known primarily as the guy who helmed the first Fast and the Furious flick, has always excelled at crossbreeding Hollywood high-concept with B-movie dash. He's never afraid to lean into the ridiculousness of his scenarios or to mix and match genres. Alabama boys Will Rutledge (Toby Kebbell), a storm chaser, and his brother Breeze (no, really), played by Ryan Kwanten, know their small town of Gulfport is about to be walloped by a storm that Will knows everyone is underestimating. The weather also makes a handy cover for a group of thieves determined to rob a local government facility where currency being taken out of circulation is shredded. The thieves take Breeze hostage, so Will has to ally himself with Casey Corbin (Maggie Grace), an ATF agent, to save his brother and take down the robbers.

It's an ideal dumb-fun concept, and at times, the movie feels like a clearinghouse for '90s action movie cliches. The Hurricane Heist delivers what it promises on some basic level; it's got plenty of hurricane and it's got plenty of heist. But those looking for Sharknado-style idiocy will probably be disappointed, as will those looking for anything that makes sense.
Rob Cohen Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace, Ryan Kwanten, Ralph Ineson, Natacha Karam Carlos Davis Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures

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