Top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars

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Top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Welcome, Brawl Stars fans, to this detailed guide on the best 10 brawlers still ruling the battlefield! Knowing which brawlers are best is vital to your growth, whether you're a skilled player or a newbie excited to go up the ranks—in the exciting and ever-evolving world of Brawl Stars, having the right comrades can choose between a glorious win and a brutal loss.

Our in-depth guide is made to help you go through the game’s diverse meta, supplying analysis of each brawler's power, failings, and best choices for placement. From close-range heroes to long-distance shooters, each comrade shows unique skills and play styles that can turn the course of the arena in your direction. You can also buy Brawl Stars Rank boost services for butter smooth gameplay.

We’ve gone through new game changes, player statistics, and industry opinions to make sure this list represents the recent state of the game.

So, pitch up and get started to take notes. Let’s look at the comrades who are raising the ranks high in Brawl Stars and find out who’s actually the strongest of the best!


Pam is a flexible aid comrade known for her adaptability and team-enhancing abilities. Her primary attack, “Scrapstorm,” shoots a spread of metal scraps, making her effective at both dealing damage and controlling crowds.

Pam’s Super, “Mama’s Kiss,” places a healing turret that restores health to nearby teammates, making her invaluable in team-based modes. To maximize Pam’s potential, focus on positioning her turret strategically and using her wide attack spread to maintain pressure on opponents.


Frank is a tank brawler with high health and devastating area damage. His primary attack, “Hammer Hit,” deals significant damage in a broad area, while his Super, “Stunning Blow,” stuns enemies in its radius.

Frank excels in modes like Gem Grab and Siege, where his crowd control and durability shine. Playing Frank effectively involves timing his Super to disrupt enemy advances and using his health to soak up damage for your team.


Emz is a control brawler who excels at zoning and area denial. Her primary attack, “Spray,” releases a lingering cloud of hairspray that deals damage over time to enemies caught within it. Emz’s Super, “Caustic Charisma,” creates a large area of effect that slows and damages enemies.

She’s particularly effective in modes like Bounty and Brawl Ball, where controlling the battlefield is crucial. To play Emz well, focus on maintaining distance from enemies and using her Super to trap and eliminate key targets.


Bea is a sniper with a unique mechanic where her second shot deals extra damage if her first shot hits. Her primary attack, “Big Sting,” is a long-range, high-damage shot, and her Super, “Iron Hive,” releases homing bees that chase down enemies.

Bea is best used in open maps where her range and precision shine. Mastering Bea involves landing her shots consistently to capitalize on her high-damage potential and using her Super to control the battlefield.


Nani is a high-risk, high-reward brawler with a powerful primary attack and a unique Super. Her primary attack, “Trigger-Nometry,” fires three orbs that deal substantial damage when all hit.

Her Super, “Manual Override,” allows her to control Peep, a robot that deals massive damage upon impact. Nani excels in modes like Heist and Bounty. To master Nani, practice aiming her primary attack to maximize damage and controlling Peep for strategic eliminations.


Edgar is an agile assassin brawler who excels in close combat. His primary attack, “Fight Club,” involves rapid punches, and his Super, “Vault,” allows him to jump to a target location, dealing damage upon landing and recharging his health.

Edgar is effective in modes like Solo Showdown and Brawl Ball, where his mobility and burst damage are crucial. Playing Edgar well involves using his Super to engage or escape strategically and timing his attacks to outmaneuver opponents.


Jacky is a close-range brawler with high health and a disruptive playstyle. Her primary attack, “Groundbreaker,” deals damage in a circular area around her, while her Super, “Holey Moley!,” pulls enemies toward her and slows them down.

Jacky thrives in modes like Siege and Hot Zone, where her ability to control space is valuable. To play Jacky effectively, position her in choke points and use her Super to trap enemies for your team to finish off.


Piper is a long-range sniper brawler who deals more damage the farther her shots travel. Her primary attack, “Gunbrella,” is perfect for picking off distant targets, and her Super, “Poppin’,” allows her to escape dangerous situations by launching grenades that deal area damage.

Piper excels in open maps and modes like Bounty and Heist. Mastering Piper involves maintaining distance from enemies and using her Super to reposition when under threat.


Bibi is a melee brawler with a unique knockback mechanic. Her primary attack, “Three Strikes,” deals significant damage, and her Home Run bar, when fully charged, enables her to knock enemies back. Her Super, “Spitball,” launches a bouncing ball that can hit multiple targets.

Bibi is effective in modes like Gem Grab and Brawl Ball, where her knockback can control the flow of the game. To play Bibi well, time her knockback to disrupt enemies and use her Super to apply pressure.


Griff is a hybrid brawler who can deal damage at medium and long ranges. His primary attack, “Coin Toss,” shoots a spread of coins, while his Super, “Jackpot!,” releases a barrage of banknotes in a wide arc. Griff is versatile and excels in various modes, from Heist to Bounty. Mastering Griff involves using his wide attack spread to control areas and timing his Super to maximize damage on multiple targets.

These best and highest 10 ultimate brawlers show a mixture of strength, plan, and flexibility to your Brawl Stars style. By knowing their skills and practicing how to use them wisely, you’ll be well on your way to destroying the arena and getting achievements in each and every mode. So, take your top brawler, dive into the fight, and display the Brawl Stars world what you’re made of!


In conclusion, getting the hang of these top 10 best brawlers in Brawl Stars will greatly improve your games and plans. Each brawler features special skills that, when used effectively, can give rise to impressive battles across several levels.

Equip yourself with this knowledge, and prepare to dominate the Brawl Stars arena!

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