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Michael J. Newell, a Real Estate Mogul, Takes the Housing Market by Storm to Lower Prices and Increase Accessibility for Americans

Since the country's inception, affordable housing has been a significant issue for Americans. Michael J. Newell, a real estate developer, has made it his life's work to revive the U.S. housing market. Construction projects that are brand spanking new in Newell's eyes stand for progress, expansion, and betterment. Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes were founded by Michael J. Newell, who also serves as their CEO.

Michael Newell, like every other American, has witnessed the housing crisis worsen. So, he's devised clever plans to help out, using his two companies. M.J. Newell Homes and Standard Land Development (SLD) know they have their limits. Still, Newell is confident they can make a difference by encouraging others to enter the construction industry.

Michael Newell's "Learn To Build" is an educational program in which he explains how to build something from the ground up. According to Newell, he has the procedure down pat. He is confident that he can teach the process to anyone just getting into the space or looking to take the next step and scale. This includes hiring the right people in the office or field, utilizing proper computer software, negotiating with material suppliers and vendors, and securing capital. Newell believes it is his responsibility to help solve the housing crisis facing middle- and lower-class Americans. He plans to achieve this by sharing his knowledge and training more skilled builders.

The average American can find some of the finest homes in the world at Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes. As a whole, they intend to ensure that all citizens of the United States have access to affordable, suitable housing. "We believe that rent for the low-income population shouldn't exceed one-fourth of their net monthly income. This guarantees that growing families won't have to skimp on necessities," Newell emphasized.

SLD develops the land by laying down roads, installing sewage and electrical systems, and other prerequisites for future residential and commercial construction. In addition to Standard Land Development, there's M.J. Newell Homes. All of Standard Land Development's properties are managed by this company, including their advertising, sales, and upkeep. Customers of M.J. Newell Homes can choose from one of the company's six pre-designed model homes or collaborate with the design team to create a truly unique home. Standard Land Development's new communities can be found all over Florida.

Standard Land Development is unrivaled in Florida when it comes to creating pristine new residential areas for Floridians. They have finished over 1,950 homes and businesses in Florida. M.J. Newell Homes has constructed over 600 dwellings. There may be as many as 490 single-family homes built this year. However, without a solid group and a persistent emphasis on teamwork, none of this would be possible.

According to Newell, everyone loses when businesspeople don't work together to find "win-win" solutions. The strong company culture at SLD and M.J. Newell Homes is directly responsible for its continued success. "Teamwork is only as good as its weakest link. If you want to succeed, you'll need the help of solid supporting cast members. I knew I needed to assemble a formidable front line to have any chance of victory," Newell declared.

Once the plan is fully implemented in 2023, M. J. Newell Homes will be able to meet its ambitious annual production target of 1,200 homes. A 987-unit build-to-rent single-family home community in Central Florida, a 1754-unit build-to-sell single-family home community in South Florida, a 160,000-square-foot retail plaza, a 1266-unit single-family home on in-fill lots, a 312-unit townhome community in Central North Carolina, and a 96-unit apartment building in Western Pennsylvania are among the projects Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes plan to implement in 2023.

As long as there is a demand for affordable housing, Standard Land Development will keep building communities across the United States full of quality homes at affordable prices.

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