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Inno Supps Updates Inno Glow Collagen To Now Help You Reverse Aging AND Lose Weight

Inno Supps wowed us a few months ago with the release of Inno Glow, a unique doctor-endorsed multi-source collagen supplement like none other we've seen on the market.

We didn't think the first-of-its-kind collagen could get any better – but it has!

Inno Glow got a fat-burning facelift with the release of a second version formulated with two more types of collagen and three cutting-edge fat-burning ingredients shown to enhance weight loss.

Read on to learn more about all the ingredients in Inno Glow and how this new formula can help you torch stubborn body fat and build beauty from within!

What is Inno Supps’ Inno Glow?

Inno Glow isn't your average collagen supplement. It is an advanced multi-collagen complex and collagen booster. It's the first collagen on the market to boost beauty from the inside out, thanks to the addition of a revolutionary anti-aging collagen booster that stimulates collagen production by up to 80% from deep within your skin.

Both the original Inno Glow and updated Inno Glow contain three stand-out blends…

1. Advanced Collagen Matrix – A combination of type I, II and III collagen sourced from chicken, bovine and marine collagen.

  • TYPE I - Supports skin structure and elasticity to minimize fine lines and wrinkles as well as support stronger, thicker hair and nails.1
  • TYPE II - Plays a vital role in supporting joint health, helping you move with more flexibility and less discomfort.2
  • TYPE III - Essential for supporting the structure of blood vessels and muscle tissue, this also works alongside type I collagen to support firm, hydrated skin.3

2. Collagen Boosting Beauty Compound – 250 mg of the revolutionary collagen and hyaluronic acid stimulator called Astrion™.

Astrion™ is a clinically studied collagen stimulator that encourages your body to make more collagen and stimulate hyaluronic acid production.4

Studies show that Astrion™ can boost collagen production by up to 80% from deep within your skin, leaving your skin looking and feeling smooth, plump and luscious. It is also shown to protect your skin from damaging UV rays and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by up to 15%.

3. Collagen Absorption Enzyme – 25 mg of the cutting-edge enzyme Pepzyme AG™.5

Your body can’t absorb collagen in its whole form. With most collagen products, you take it and hope your body absorbs it. Inno Glow contains Pepzyme AG™, a collagen absorption enzyme, to help your body break down the collagen into its most bioactive and bioavailable form.

A collagen supplement is not complete unless it has absorption enzymes. Pepzyme AG™ is one of the highest quality digestive enzymes available.

How is the updated Inno Glow formula different from the original?

Taken consistently, both the original Inno Glow and the revamped formula can help…

  • Reverse signs of aging
  • Firm, tighten and hydrate skin
  • Reduce cellulite and wrinkles
  • Grow longer, stronger hair and nails
  • Support joint and bone health
  • Enhance weight loss

The updated Inno Glow formula has all the ingredients as the original, with the addition of type V and type X collagen sourced from chicken eggshell membrane AND a thermogenic fat-burning complex.

The updated Inno Glow formula includes types I, II and III, as outlined above, as well as types V and X, which have their own unique beauty-boosting benefits.

  • TYPE V - Supports healthy tissue growth in vital organs, hair and nails to support healthy aging. It’s also essential for the formation of types I and III collagens for a youthful glow.6
  • TYPE X - Crucial for maintaining strong, healthy joints and bones, type X will help alleviate the aches and pains that come with aging so you can move with ease and youthful vitality.7

The new Inno Glow formula also contains a thermogenic fat-burning complex to help accelerate weight loss, improve metabolism, and even prevent weight gain.

We were already big fans of Inno Supps’ top-selling thermogenic Inno Shred, but the ingredients in Inno Glow are different.

Here's a rundown of what they are and how clinical studies provide evidence they are effective.

1. Evothin™. A pure form of the ingredient evodiamine, which has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a weight loss aid.

Evothin™ may help …

  • Increase body temperature, which helps your body burn more calories and ultimately lose weight.
  • Reduce the uptake of fat and subsequently increase your body's natural fat-burning mechanisms.
    Possibly prevent your body from creating new fat cells.
  • Ease digestive problems, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, and poor appetite.

2. Sukre™. A trademarked form of L-Arabinose, a dietary supplement ingredient believed to help combat obesity and prevent several lifestyle-associated issues that can come from being overweight.

L-Arabinose works as a non-caloric sugar that can positively affect both lipid and glucose levels, helping prevent sudden glucose shoot-ups and insulin level irregularities.

Studies show L-Arabinose can potentially:

  • Suppress the absorption of sugar and elevated blood glucose levels.
  • Promote calcium absorption.
  • Improve conditions in the gut.
  • Moderate the digestion and absorption of sugar and reduce excess sugar being stored as fat.8

Sukre™ can help promote healthy weight through three key elements: supporting healthy blood sugar levels, reducing sucrose absorption, and promoting healthy levels of normal flora in the gut.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Fruit Powder Extract. Apple cider vinegar is well-studied to have many health benefits. However, most can’t stomach the taste and prefer to get their daily dose in supplement form.

Supplementing with ACV has been shown to …

  • Improve insulin sensitivity, which is important for weight loss.
  • Stimulate metabolism due to its acetic acid content.
  • Suppress appetite.
  • Protect your body from free radical damage.
  • Enhance digestion.
  • Improve immune health.9

Another perk of the revamped Inno Glow is that it comes in two delicious flavors, whereas the original only came in a flavorless powder. Whichever you choose, watermelon, tropical punch or flavorless – the powder blends easily with water, juice or smoothie!

What sets Inno Glow apart?

Before the launch of the new formula, Inno Glow was already a stand-out collagen supplement. The new formula brings even more benefits that make it anything but your ordinary collagen supplement.

The revamped Inno Glow stands out because it…

  • Provides a generous supply of all five different types of collagen from four different sources that keep your skin young and healthy.
  • Has a collagen stimulator (Astrion™) that boosts collagen from the inside out. This really makes Inno Glow shine, as most collagen supplements only contain exogenous collagen.
  • Has the absorption enzyme Pepzyme AG™, which makes it easier for your body to get the beauty-boosting benefits and support joint, muscle and gut health.
  • Contains the patented fat-burning ingredients Evothin™ and Sukre™, as well as ACV, for a multi-pronged approach to help accelerate weight loss and fat-burning.

Final thoughts on Inno Glow

Most people are looking for two things as they age — the fountain of youth and a way to speed up their metabolism and accelerate fat burn.

The original Inno Glow formula is still an excellent collagen supplement for those that don't want the added benefits of thermogenics. But with the revamped Inno Glow, you get added age-reversing and fat-burning benefits from one supplement.

Inno Glow is also doctor approved and endorsed by highly trusted urologist and med-spa physician, Dr. Anika Ackerman who says — “The combination of natural, clinically studied ingredients in Inno Glow is incredibly effective at boosting collagen production and combating signs of aging. I stand by this product and highly recommend it.”

One more important thing to note is that Inno Supps manufactures all of its supplements in the United States in a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved and GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. Their supplements undergo third-party testing to ensure safety and effectiveness and are made with ingredients from trusted sources that are free of artificial flavorings, sweeteners and fillers.

If you are looking to accelerate weight loss, build a leaner, stronger physique, ease bloating and enhance digestion, have youthful, glowing skin, longer and stronger hair and nails, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles — Inno Glow contains the most cutting-edge ingredients to torch stubborn fat and build beauty from within!!

Visit the Inno Supps website to learn more and get Inno Glow in its original or revamped formula!


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