Immigrant Invest — your trusted consultant for obtaining citizenship by investment

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Immigrant Invest — your trusted consultant for obtaining citizenship by investment

Obtaining a second citizenship by investment has become an increasingly popular option among wealthy people worldwide. However, it can be challenging to pick the right program and get acquainted with all the nuances without experts’ help.

We’ll discuss this with Elena Ruda, the chief development officer at Immigrant Invest and a leading expert in citizenship and residency by investment programs.

Who are Immigrant Invest?

Immigrant Invest is a consulting company that helps people obtain second citizenship and residence permits by investment.

We have been on the market since 2006, so we have ample experience developing individual solutions for those who want to build a second home, diversify their business or remove visa restrictions.

Our team comprises 40 people, including lawyers specialising in international law, experienced local lawyers and Anti Money Laundering Officers. We have already helped over 5,000 families to obtain a second citizenship.

Where does Immigrant Invest operate?

Our offices are in Austria, Turkey, Malta, Portugal, Grenada and Cyprus, but we work with clients worldwide.

We are members of the IMC, the worldwide association for immigration and citizenship by investment. We’re also proud to be authorised licensed agents of citizenship by investment programs in the European Union and the Caribbean. We can officially represent our clients’ interests in Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and Malta.

Our remit is not limited to these countries. We also have experts specialising in citizenship by investment programs in Vanuatu, Turkey and Egypt. We can advise our clients on residency by investment programs in countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

How does Immigrant Invest support clients in obtaining citizenship by investment?

With each client, we focus on their primary goals to determine which investment program suits them best.

Based on their objective, we find the best solution for our client, which may not coincide with their initial choice before they consult us. We create a step-by-step plan, including preparing all the necessary documents, and help our clients execute it.

It all starts with the preparation of documents. We not only tell our clients which documents are required to apply for the program they choose but also fill in the necessary government forms and submit them on the investor’s behalf. We try to make the whole process as effortless as possible for our clients.

Our assistance is more comprehensive than documents, though. We follow the entire process rather than just filling in the application. If the citizenship by investment program rules specify purchasing real estate or opening a bank account as a condition, we help our clients with these issues as well.

We don’t stop working with our clients after they successfully obtain residency or citizenship. In the following years, we help them maintain their second passports or resident permits and make sure they remain in compliance with the terms of the program.

Of course, the entire process is entirely confidential. To that end, we include a non-disclosure clause in the agreement regarding personal data and investment sources.

How can an investor obtain a new citizenship or residence permit with the help of an Immigrant Invest?

Even before signing a Services Agreement, the first step is always a comprehensive preliminary Due Diligence check conducted by our internal compliance department.

They look into the potential client’s biography and business to ensure they qualify for their chosen program. The procedure helps decrease the risk of rejection down to 1%.

If the investor does not qualify for the program of their choice but has a higher chance to succeed with another program that would suit their goals, we can recommend another option.

What are some common challenges that clients may face in this process?

Our clients usually know what they want to accomplish with their investment, but they may not be aware of all the nuances of each program. As a result, they may be looking at an option that is not the best fit for them before they come to us for advice.

In a recent case, an investor purchased an apartment in the United Arab Emirates, which he hoped would help him obtain a 10-year Golden Residence visa with our help. However, it turned out that the apartment he had acquired was part of a project at a very early stage of construction. As per the program's requirements, you can only invest in properties that are at least 50% completed — and that would not happen until 2025 for this building.

As our client wanted to become a UAE resident as soon as possible, our team convinced him to pivot to another option: a 2-year UAE Residence Visa. He obtained it in less than 2 months.

Other challenges may arise unexpectedly. For example, a couple was found eligible for St Lucia citizenship by an investment program. However, they had several issues with the documents that were part of the required package, including a birth certificate and a marriage certificate.

With our help, they managed to secure documents with the same legal effect as the former and eliminated the need to provide the latter. Ultimately, they received St Lucia passports 6 months after passing our preliminary Due Diligence check.

What makes Immigrant Invest different from other consulting companies?

We provide the full range of services associated with obtaining citizenship or residency through investment. It is not typical for a company in our industry to have an internal compliance department, let alone one that assures clients that their application has a 99% chance of success. We have all of that.

We also want to be ahead of the game. Our experts have conducted thorough research into the advantages of passports of 193 countries to create our own Passport Index. Each passport is rated in four categories: freedom of travel, providing of safe haven, asset protection, and quality of life.

We hope this Passport Index will be the first port of call for investors who want to make a decisive step towards fulfilling their goals, whether it is about having more freedom of travel or new business opportunities.

Who would you recommend consulting with Immigrant Invest?

Our slogan is “Creating Cosmopolitans”. A cosmopolitan is a person who is not limited by the borders of their own country. They want to be able to live, work, do business and travel worldwide.

Immigrant Invest is the right company for you to talk to if you want to:

  • travel with fewer visa restrictions;
  • protect your business assets;
  • move your family to a country with a higher quality of life;
  • have a safe haven in case of instability in your home country;
  • ensure a better future for your children
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