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Charldyn Valcin, Aka Host Valcin, Creates Massive Positive Waves In The World Of Entertainment And Entrepreneurship

He is not just an incredible host and the CEO of Host Valcin LLC, but also successfully runs his clothing line Valcin Apparels and spreads his knowledge among others as a mentor too with The Hosting Academy.

There have been tons of success stories that have, in ways more than one, gone ahead in infusing the right amount of motivation, hope, and positivity in other up-and-comers across industries of the world. This has eventually helped them inspire the youth and ignite the fire in them to become their best versions by listening to what their hearts seek. One such incredible success story is Charldyn Valcin, most famously known as Host Valcin, who has stunned people with his one-of-a-kind hosting skills, mentorship and also entrepreneurial talents.

Host Valcin was born on August 7th 1986 in Haiti. He moved to the US in 1997 with his family to Fort Lauderdale, Florida; however, after a certain injury that his father suffered, they moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where he completed his studies in criminal justice. As a result, he wanted to become a police officer, but as time went by, he realized it was not meant for him. Post this, he navigated through different paths to realize his potential in different careers. During this journey, he became the Master of Ceremony Hosting weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and more. Host Valcin produced this passion and ambition as the CEO of Host Valcin LLC. Over the years, he has demonstrated that he is the crowd’s favorite. He is an international host, traveling from across different countries, states, cities, and islands and making an impact on people’s lives. He is a God-fearing man, an amazing husband, and a wonderful father. He takes pride in spending quality and memorable time with his family.

Host Valcin recalls how no one was there to guide him in his hosting journey but God. Hence, he decided to spread his knowledge as a mentor to others for them to have a great foundation through The Hosting Academy. People worldwide signs up for this to learn and gain their certificates signed by him. He also holds The Hosting Academy Gala, celebrating students’ success with the best DJs, food, music, decorators, and much more.

Host Valcin, as the CEO of V.E. Entertainment, has partnered with his sister Christ Vasthi Etienne, and his assistant Nehemie St. Louis who serves as the Manager and the CFO of the company, which is all about serving people with all entertainment needs. The company thrives on the skills and talents of top DJs, singers, event planners, decorators, etc. Additionally, he owns his clothing line Valcin Apparels, known for offering top-notch quality hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and more.

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