Broken Arrow's Latest Structure Fire Highlights the Critical Need for Expert Fire Watch Vigilance

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Broken Arrow's Latest Structure Fire Highlights the Critical Need for Expert Fire Watch Vigilance

On the evening of December 13, an immense fire broke out at Naked Woodworks, a small business that creates custom woodcrafts for sale on Amazon and Etsy. Around a dozen employees fled the building with what they could carry in their hands, taking a headcount on the street. They watched helplessly for four hours as four stations responded to the blaze. Corrugated metal buildings warped hazardously, making it difficult for firefighters to get to the heart of the fire.

Even before the fire ended, as emergency crews put out the last blazes and surveyed the structures for safety, the local Fire Marshall had already begun their investigation. It's the responsibility of the Fire Marshall to determine how the fire started, why it wasn't prevented, and what led to the loss of control. That night, the safety of all employees and emergency responders was put in danger, and the Fire Marshall will take that very seriously.

It is the responsibility of the building's manager or the business owner to make sure that a worksite is safe. The NFPA has prescribed minimum safety requirements that every worksite must fulfill, and local authorities may have even more strict requirements. If circumstances conspire against a business manager—such as an impaired fire alarm system or an overhead sprinkler system losing water—the person responsible for the work site must respond immediately. First, they must notify the Fire Marshall. Then, they must put in place a comprehensive and effective fire watch.

One of the best resources for maintaining site safety is a National Fire Watch Company. The top company operating in the U.S. is the Fast Fire Watch Company. Staffed by retired fire safety and security professionals, their job is to help maintain complete adherence to all national and local fire protocols and to ensure the safe, uninterrupted operation of a work site. These companies operate in most major U.S. cities and can usually have professionals on-site within hours. Once they arrive at a work site, fire guards will quickly set up a human fire safety system.

Professional fireguards like these are trained to monitor a work site and its surrounding area for any signs of fire or other dangers. As they work, they keep detailed logs of their watch. Once the job is complete and normal fire safety has been restored to a work site, fire guards submit all necessary logs to the offices of the Fire Marshal. This will assure local authorities that full compliance with safety protocols has been maintained and the worksite was never in danger.

The cause of this most recent structure fire in Broken Arrow remains unclear. With more detailed monitoring and logs, the reason would have been known immediately if any fire had occurred. Significant fire risks can arise in a high-risk worksite like this if sufficient caution is not employed, and fires can begin with terrifying speed. The lack of alarms or anti-fire systems on any work site is a recipe for a costly disaster and a potential violation of NFPA protocols. Survey your work site for fire safety today, and check what services the national fire watch company is providing.

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