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Best Synthetic Urine Kits In 2023: Top 5 Fake Pee Brands To Pass A Drug Test

Worried that your employer may ask for a drug test?

You’re actually not paranoid. One survey shows that only 1.92% of employers don't ask their workers to submit to a drug test, while around 83.39% have a random drug testing protocol in their offices.

No matter why you’re taking a drug test, you may feel understandably concerned about it if you recreationally take certain drugs such as weed. Failing a drug test could result in employment termination, which opens up new problems for you and your family.

But, there is a way to pass a drug test even if you’re technically not clean. Synthetic urine kits may be the solution for you but before you start buying just any kit, keep reading to find out the top 5 synthetic urine companies with proven efficacy.

5 Best Synthetic Urine Brands In 2023

1) Quick Luck - Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit On The Market

2) Sub Solution- Undetectable Toxin-free Fake Urine Kit To Pass A Weed Test

3) Urine Simulation- Popular Fake Pee Kit To Pass A Drug Test

4) Urinator - Premium-quality Synthetic Urine Kit For Urine Drug Test

5) Incognito Belt - 100% Effective Synthetic Urine Kit To Pass Drug Screening

1) Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine Kit - Popular Fake Pee Kit To Pass A Drug Test

The Quick Luck Premium synthetic urine kit is a high-quality, 3 oz concoction created based on 16 years of research.

It's highly effective and premixed synthetic urine that provides a very convenient way to deliver your sample.

If you will need to take an unsupervised urine test, this product is the perfect choice for you, though you can also use it for supervised tests if you also creatively conceal the bottle.

What’s included

This synthetic urine is premixed, so you will not have to put on your chemistry hat to deliver the sample.

However, the box does contain two heat pads, a temperature strip, and a patented heat activator formula that can raise the fake urine’s temperature to that of normal body temperature.

Quick Luck Premium product overview

If you need a quick breakdown of the major highlights of Quick Luck Premium, here they are:

  • Completely undetectable - the formula was designed to look, smell, and chemically resemble organic urine as closely as possible. It contains uric acids and 10 other essential compounds found in organic urine. Moreover, it is Biocide-free
  • Unisex - this formula is designed to help both men and women deliver a clean sample for a urine drug test
  • Toxin free - the synthetic urine can help you conceal traces of most types of illicit substances, from THC to opiates, and more
  • Easy to use - the only thing you need to do is deliver the best synthetic urine at the right temperature. To that end, you can use the heating pads, patented heat activator, or even just warm it in the microwave
  • Long-lasting - this synthetic urine lasts up to 8 hours if the seal is broken and it's been mixed. However, you can even prolong its lifespan. If you put it in the fridge, it will last up to 48 hours, but you can also store it in the freezer for up to 6 months

How to use Quick Luck Premium

The formula is premixed and made to resemble organic urine as much as possible. But, if you deliver it cold or at room temperature, it will be a huge red flag that could result in a failed drug test.

The product comes with a simple temperature strip you can use to make sure the sample is at the right temperature, somewhere between 94-100 F.

First, you should only break the safety seal on the day you need to deliver the sample. Once the seal is broken, the product will start growing bacteria, just like real urine.

To heat the product, you have two options:

  • The heat pad - stick the heat pad to the bottle, and wait for up to 1 hour for the synthetic urine to reach the ideal temperature. You should never apply more than one heat pad at a time
  • Heat activator - this is a last-minute solution if you cannot wait for the heat pad to do its job. Slowly add a bit of powder to the urine, and use the temperature strip to guide you

Once it reaches the ideal temperature, you can add the synthetic urine to the sample vial and deliver it.

2)Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit - Undetectable Toxin-free Fake Urine Kit To Pass A Weed Test

Sub Solution is one of the most popular synthetic urine products for years. Like Quick Luck, this product was also developed by Clear Choice, a highly reputable company known for its great synthetic urine products.

Sub Solution has a proprietary formula designed to mimic organic urine as closely as possible. While other types of best synthetic urine are made for novelty purposes (such as pranks or product tests), Sub Solution is specifically designed to pass more close inspections.

How the Sub Solution formula works

The exact formula for Sub Solution is unknown. It’s a proprietary blend of 11 essential compounds that is complex enough to pass most urine drug tests.

Here’s what’s known about the Sub Solution formula:

  • It contains 11 chemicals naturally found in organic, human urine
  • It’s completely drug-free
  • It contains both uric acid and urea
  • It contains creatine
  • It is pH balanced
  • It looks and smells like organic urine

Sub Solution is definitely a great choice in synthetic urine if you need to pass a drug test. The company specifically designed its product to fool such tests.

Synthetic urine comes in powdered form, so it is best used for unsupervised drug tests. You can easily mix it at home, or in the facility's bathroom shortly before you need to hand it over. The Heating activator will help the synthetic urine reach optimal temperature.

Sub Solution usage guide

Here’s how to use Sub Solution:

  • Add the entire contents of the synthetic powdered urine vial to the collection vial
  • Fill with room temperature water, and add the cap
  • Shake the vial gently for the powdered urine to dissolve
  • The synthetic urine can be mixed for up to 8 hours before it needs to be delivered
  • To heat it, you can use a microwave, or add some of the powdered heat activators

How to fix the temperature

Sub Solution’s heat activator powder is quite potent, and if you add too much, you can overheat the synthetic urine, which could draw too much attention to your sample.

It’s why you should gradually add the powder, and use the temperature strip to guide you. But, just in case you add too much heating powder, you can place the mixing container on the coldest surface available, and let it cool.

Place it with the temperature strip facing up, so you can see when the sample reaches the ideal temperature.

Usually, people will need around a quarter of the heat activator to get the synthetic urine to the ideal temperature.

3) Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit - Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit On The Market

Test Clear's powdered urine kit is one of the most reliable brands of synthetic urine. It contains all the vital ingredients to make this blend appear like organic urine.

Since it's a powdered urine kit, you will need to prepare it yourself following the instructions on the box closely. This is why this synthetic urine is best for unsupervised drug tests, where you can bring your own sample yourself.

If you will be taking a supervised test, check out the other brands on this list, as they’re more appropriate.

What is the powdered urine kit?

Test Clear’s powdered urine kits deliver drug-free human urine, complete with uric acids and other essential compounds that provide authenticity.

This concoction behaves just like normal, organic urine and can be used to deliver a clean sample for most at-home or employment drug tests. When done correctly, the sample may be used to conceal substances such as THC, stimulants, opiates, and other illicit substances.

It’s important to note that this synthetic urine differs greatly from other brands on the market which have not been made for drug testing purposes. Many synthetic urines are created for novelty purposes, meaning they can replicate the color and smell of urine, but that’s it.

Those types of synthetic urine are commonly used to test products like diapers and bedding, and using them to pass a drug test most certain;y will lead to failed tests. But with this synthetic urine kit, you get a product designed to chemically pass as organic urine.

What’s in the box?

Test Clear’s powdered urine kits include:

  • One vial of powdered urine
  • One medical transport vial with a blue lid
  • Two air-activated heaters
  • One temperature strip

The kit contains everything you need to create best synthetic urine, apart from water. The process itself is very straightforward and you can prepare the liquid easily at home or in the facility’s bathroom.

How to use the clear urine powder

Using this kit is fairly simple. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Pour the powdered urine into the transport vial, and pour water up to the top of the container
  • Put the cap on tightly
  • Stick the temperature strip on the vial
  • Shake the tube so the powdered urine dissolves
  • Stick the heater on the backside of the tube
  • Check the temperature and submit your sample

Ideally, the temperature of your sample should be between 90-100 F for best results.

Additional tips and tricks

Check out some extra tips to use this powdered urine kit correctly:

  • Use room temperature water instead of hot water. The heater you stick on the vial will already bring up the synthetic urine to the correct temperature (90-100 F)
  • If you don’t see a reading on the temperature strip, then the sample is either too hot or too cold. Wait for the concussion to cool, or for the heater to bring the temperature up
  • Don’t stick the heater too close to the temperature strip. The latter could pick up the reading from the heater, and not the sample
  • Never take the heater off the tube yourself. It’s designed to fall off on its own when the sample reaches the ideal temperature
  • Heaters are single-use, so don’t stick them too long before you need to submit your sample

Test Clear’s powdered urine kit remains the top choice for 2023 synthetic urine purchases thanks to its quality and easy preparation methods. But, one caveat here is that you can only use them for unsupervised drug tests, so be mindful of that.

4) Urinator - Premium-quality Synthetic Urine Kit For Urine Drug Test

The Urinator removes all the anxiety as to whether your synthetic urine sample is the right temperature or not.

It's a state-of-the-art electronic urine testing device that can maintain your sample at the perfect warmth for around four hours with just one set of batteries.

It's a compact and simple product that includes a digitally-controlled and self-regulated heating element, two tempt test strips, a bottle-filling device, and a free powdered synthetic urine sample.

However, if you purchase the Urinator, you can use it for however long you want. Just repurchase your favorite synthetic urine brand and use the Urinator to deliver it at the perfect temperature every single time.

Understanding the Urinator system

The Urinator device was designed to help people who need to take a supervised urine test, meaning you cannot prepare and warm up your urine at home or in your car.

In these cases, delivering a best synthetic urine sample is much more difficult, but the Urinator aims to help people overcome this issue.

Here’s how the system works:

  • The system includes a 100 ml dual-port vinyl IV bag with a liquid crystal thermometer. The bag is filled with the synthetic urine sample through the syringe included in the kit
  • The stainless steel sensor rod helps regulate the temperature of the sample
  • A digital controller helps maintain the correct temperature
  • A silicone heater is connected to the controller and is designed to health the contents of the IV bag
  • The second IV port is connected to vinyl tubing, which can release the contents of the bag, allowing you to deliver a sample

The system is designed to be easily concealed under the clothes, and the flexible tubes stretch out from the IV bag. Once you release the clamp, the tube will deliver the synthetic urine sample to the donor vial.

Urinator instructions

First, use the syringe to fill the bag with your synthetic urine sample. You can use powdered, premixed, or even water if you only want to test the system.

Remove as much air from the bag as you can, and screw the cap on the end of the tube. Add the batteries to the decides, and fold the insulating fabric.

The crystal temperature indicator on the bag will inform you when the sample reaches the ideal temperature. When it does, you can gently pull the tube from underneath your clothes, release the clamp, and pour the synthetic urine into the sample cup.

Where to buy the Urinator

One of the biggest red flags with synthetic urine isn’t the contents. It’s the temperature.

If it’s too hot or too cold, the person collecting the samples can immediately know you’re trying to pass fake urine as your own. As a result, there are many products like the Urinator that aim to solve this issue.

Unfortunately, not all of them are as effective as the Urinator. And since it’s a very popular product, there are a lot of dupes or even fakes on the market.

As a result, it’s best to purchase the Urinator from websites like TestClear.com, which are authorized to sell the device. Yes, you may find a cheaper version on Amazon, but it may be a less effective dupe.

Should you practice before?

While the Urinator is easy to use, the manufacturer does recommend you practice a few times before the day of the test.

This way, you can choose the best outfit to conceal the device, and make sure you fix any kinks in the process that could lead to a failed drug test. What’s more, you can fill the IV bag with water during your tests, so you don’t have to waste any synthetic urine.

5) Incognito Belt - 100% Effective Synthetic Urine Kit To Pass Drug Screening

Lastly, if you know for sure you’ll take a supervised urine drug test, Clear Choice’s Incognito Belt can help you pass it.

It’s a gravity-operated device that can deliver toxin-free synthetic urine. Essentially, you wear a very light system wrapped around your waste, which will deliver the urine through a tube.

The sample is completely secured and will not start pouring until you release a safety clip.

Incognito Belt kit overview

The Incognito Belt system includes:

  • A bladder bag with 100 ml of premixed synthetic urine (suitable for two uses)
  • One temperature strip
  • A velcro-adjustable belt
  • Two heat pads

Using this system only involves a few key steps:

  • Stick the heating pad to the urine bag
  • Wrap the belt around your waist
  • Make sure the temperature strip makes contact with your skin, and that the drain tube is pointing down
  • Wait one hour before you submit the urine test, so the synthetic pee reaches the ideal temperature
  • When ready, remove the safety clip and let the urine drip into the sample cup
  • Add the safety clip back on, and deliver your synthetic urine sample.

The Incognito belt is single-use only, so you will not be able to test the system beforehand. However, it's designed to be extremely easy to use and comes with detailed instructions to help you.

But, you can test whether the belt is visible beneath your clothes or not. You may want to test different outfits to make sure the system remains hidden and you don’t draw any suspicions.

How the heat pad works

The heat bad works in combination with your body to slowly raise the temperature of the synthetic urine.

Many buyers are concerned whether the pad is really effective because it does not feel hot or warm to the touch. However, this is completely normal, as the pad will need around 1 hour to raise the temperature of the urine.

You should use the temperature strip to guide yourself and see if the pad has done its job. If you can't see anything on the strip yet, be patient. The strip will only indicate if the urine is in the recommended temperature range.

Incognito Belt’s synthetic urine

The Incognito Belt is created for conveyance and comes prefilled with synthetic urine. All you need to do is heat it up using the pads, and the sample can be delivered.

The product’s formula is proprietary and uses Clear Choice’s signature blend of 11 chemicals naturally found in organic urine, including uric acid and urea. This synthetic urine is designed to mimic real pee as closely as possible in order to pass a drug test.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is a concoction made in a lab to resemble real pee on different levels. Some fake pees can look and smell like organic urine, while others take things further and can even imitate it at a chemical level.

For synthetic urine to resemble real pee at the chemical level, it needs to contain a blend of ingredients such as sulfates, nitrates, ammonia, uric acid, urea, and creatinine. Even more sophisticated brands of fake pee will match the pH levels of organic urine.

Synthetic urine may be used for different purposes. It’s a very common product in novelty stores where you can buy it and use it to prank somebody. It can also be used to test the resistance of some products, such as diapers or bedding.

But increasingly, synthetic urine is used to help people pass drug tests, for several purposes:

  • Employment - it’s becoming more and more common for employers to ask their workers to submit to a drug test. This can be done either as a pre-employment requirement, or even as a routine control after you land the job
  • Academic admissions - some higher education institutions may require passing a drug test as part of their admissions process for faculty members or even students
  • Athletes - it’s common for athletes to submit drug tests before major competitions to showcase they are not taking any substances that might give them an unfair advantage, such as steroids
  • Court-ordered - sometimes, a judge may ask you to submit to a drug test.

Note that not all synthetic urine is designed to help you pass a drug test. Novelty products only need to look and smell like urine, so they are not designed to pass a more close inspection.

It's why you should double-check whether the synthetic urine you're about to purchase has the right chemical compounds to help you pass the test. Start with the products reviewed in this list, since they have a proven track record of helping buyers pass drug tests.

Can synthetic urine really pass a drug test?

Synthetic urine can really pass a drug test. One study tested 8 different types of synthetic urine brands and found that all of them passed the drug test. Moreover, none of the synthetic urine brands were revealed as synthetic in the drug test.

This means the synthetic urine was just like real pee as far as the drug test was concerned.

However, there is a caveat.

That same study revealed that out of the 8 fake pees, 5 were identified as synthetic just from physical observations. This means that while chemically the synthetic urine was identical to organic urine, a person was able to tell those 5 brands were fake just by looking at the samples.

Moreover, the researchers also used two different brands of fake pee detection strips, only one of which was able to tell the pee was fake. This means that a high-quality synthetic urine brand may be able to even pass tests designed to spot synthetic pee.

But, what does this study tell you? Well, even if the synthetic pee is high-quality and has all the right chemicals, it’s very important to make sure it also has:

  • The right color - synthetic pee should look just like regular pee, and not water. The person collecting the sample could tell you're delivering a fake sample just by looking at the vial and noticing a mismatch in shades
  • The right smell - real pee has an ammonia smell to it, so it’s very important to ensure the brand of synthetic pee you choose also contains this essential ingredient. If the synthetic pee doesn’t give this signature scent, the person conducting the test can immediately know the urine is fake
  • The right temperature - one of the most common ways people determine a sample contains synthetic urine is temperature. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, the person collecting the sample will immediately know something’s wrong the second they touch the sample vial. It’s why so many synthetic urine brands include ways to properly heat the sample

Using Synthetic Urine In 2023: Does It Still Work?

Synthetic urine isn't exactly a well-kept secret. For one thing, it's been around for years, so everyone from employers to law enforcement, and judges knows it can be used to trick a drug test.

So, can you still use synthetic urine to pass a drug test in 2023? After all, drug testing companies are also racing to find new ways to distinguish between fake and real pee by using advanced technology to identify unique markers.

However, you may still use synthetic urine to pass certain drug tests if you take into account the following factors:

Synthetic pee formula

First, it's important to make sure the best synthetic urine has the right blend of chemicals so that it resembles organic pee to the letter.

Without the right chemical makeup, the synthetic pee will not pass closer inspection, and you will fail your drug test.

Product Appearance

Make sure the synthetic urine will look and smell just like real urine. Then, when delivering the sample the urine should be around 94-100 F so it doesn’t raise any suspicions.

Type of urine test

Most urine tests will only look for traces of illicit drugs such as weed, opiates, cocaine, and others, so as long as the synthetic urine doesn’t have traces of them, it should not fail the test.

There are some types of urine tests that go a bit more in-depth and can reveal more about a sample. This is the case with the LC-MS/MS test, which may be able to detect whether the urine is synthetic by looking at key compounds.

For instance, researchers tested 10 types of synthetic urine that passed standard drug tests with flying colors. But, when they also tested the levels of Magnesium in the urine and asked for a biomarker panel, it became obvious that those samples were fake.

However, unless you know for a fact that the drug test also has some synthetic urine detection properties, you might not have anything to worry about. More advanced tests like LC-MS/MS technologies are much more expensive than the drug tests employers usually use.

But, an employer may invest in a costlier test if they suspect you’ve been passing your tests by delivering synthetic urine, so keep that in mind.

Supervised vs. unsupervised

Sometimes, you will also need to worry about how you deliver the urine sample.

Unsupervised urine drug tests mean you can drop off a sample of your pee yourself. This can give you the chance to prepare the synthetic urine at home or in your car, as in the case with powdered kits.

But this is not possible with supervised tests, where a person may be in the bathroom with you as you’re “delivering” the sample.

You will still have your privacy, however, and can use more creative products like the Incognito Belt or Urinator to successfully give a supervised synthetic urine sample without detection.

Synthetic Urine: A Quick Overview

Human urine is a pretty unique substance that can’t be easily replicated by just anyone. Not only does it come with a distinct appearance and smell, but the chemical compounds in it are rather specific.

This is why you cannot pass a drug test with just any liquid that resembles urine.

Synthetic urine products use several ingredients in order to mimic fake pee as closely as possible:

  • Uric acid
  • Urea
  • Potassium chloride
  • Creatinine
  • Phosphorus sodium
  • Sodium chloride, etc.

Initially, synthetic urine was designed for lab testing, but it could not pass closer inspections because it lacked urea, a compound only found in the urine of mammals. Scientist Friedrich Wohler was the first person to synthesize urea in 1828, and since then many scientists and companies have used his work in order to mimic urine.

Today, you have lots of great products that are able to pass most drug tests, and even tests designed to spot synthetic urine.

Synthetic Urine: How To Use It To Pass A Drug Test

Ideally, you’d always know when a drug test is coming up so you can have enough time for a detox. Unfortunately, life may throw some surprises your way.

If you don’t have enough time for a detox, synthetic urine could save the day and help you pass a drug test.

If you’re also feeling tempted to drink lots of water, hoping you can detox this way, know that this isn’t how detoxing works.

es, urinating more often can flush out some of the toxins, but drug tests can still detect traces of it in your system. Plus, highly diluted urine is another common red flag that could get you into trouble with your drug test.

Instead, using a high-quality synthetic urine brand like the ones reviewed in this article might be preferable. To assist you, check out this short guide on how to properly use synthetic urine kits.

Using Powdered Synthetic Urine

Powdered synthetic urine is a great choice for unsupervised drug tests. They need to be premixed at home or in your car, shortly before you deliver the same.

While manufacturers may have different steps on how to use their products, most often synthetic urine powder kits involve:

  • Adding room temperature tap water to the vial with the powder
  • Shaking the vial so the powder fully dissolves
  • Attaching the temperature strip to the vial
  • Heating the vial until the synthetic urine reaches its optimal temperatures

Some brands of synthetic urine can be used right away, while others give you a longer timeframe.

But, even if you have time to mix the synthetic urine beforehand, you should adjust the liquid's temperature as close to the moment you need to deliver your sample as possible.

Using premixed synthetic urine

Premixed synthetic urine is essentially a bottle that already contains the product you need to drop off as your sample.

These products are a lot more convenient since you only have to worry about warming up the synthetic urine, and maybe the delivery method if you have a supervised drug test.

Synthetic urine delivery systems

If you will have a supervised drug test, then apart from the synthetic urine itself, you also need to consider how the liquid will be delivered.

In a supervised test, you won’t have a person standing right next to you and looking closely at everything. You still have a right to your privacy, and the collector will simply remain in the vicinity of the bathroom.

Even so, supervised drug tests are a bit more problematic to beat, but not impossible. Products like the Urinator or the Incognito Belt can help you deliver synthetic urine on the spot and are easily concealed under your clothes to avoid detection.

Choosing between powdered and liquid synthetic urine

If you're confused about whether you should buy powdered or liquid synthetic urine, you're not the online one.

Unfortunately, if you go online to find the answer, you’ll see that opinions are evenly split between the two. Some swear powdered synthetic urine is far superior to liquid form, while others love the convenience of premixed synthetic urine.

So, how can you choose between the two?

Well, the differences between liquid and powdered synthetic urine aren’t that different, so it can generally come down to:

  • Personal preference - if you don’t want to concern yourself with mixing anything, then the liquid synthetic urine is the better choice for you. Powdered urine kits aren’t difficult to use, but some people just prefer to have a solution that can be used straight from the bottle;
  • The brand - you should opt for reputable synthetic urine companies with a strong track record in the industry. Liquid or powdered, synthetic urine must contain those key chemicals, appearance, and signature smell of urine, otherwise, you will fail the drug test;
  • The shelf life - powdered synthetic urine can technically be stored for longer than premixed formulas. This makes it easier to stock up on the product and have it on hand in case of a drug test. However, liquid urine can also last longer if you freeze it.

Pros and cons of powdered synthetic urine


  • Easy to store
  • Has a long shelf life
  • Some brands make it from dehydrated human urine
  • Looks and smells like organic urine


  • You need to mix it somewhere discreet

Pros and cons of liquid urine


  • Simplest synthetic urine to use
  • Can mimic organic urine
  • Hassle-free


  • Short shelf life compared to powdered kits

Top tips to warm up synthetic urine

Realistically, one of the most difficult tasks you’ll have to navigate with this process is getting the synthetic urine to the right temperature, and keeping it in that range to hand it off.

Ideally, your synthetic urine should be between 90-100 F to avoid drawing any suspicion.

Luckily, if you use the brands in this review, their package will include a handy temperature strip that will show when the urine was heated enough. If you don't have such a strip, you may need to use a thermometer.

Getting the synthetic urine to the right temperature isn’t as hard as it seems.

There are a few useful ways to do it:

Heating synthetic urine with pads

Most quality synthetic urine brands will include heating pads you can use to raise the temperature of the liquid.

All of the brands in this review include these pads, but if you want to purchase another product, check to see if they include any heating devices, for additional convenience.

To use the pads, you will need to remove the foil from the bottom and simply stick the pad directly to the vial with the synthetic urine. Don’t worry if the pads don’t feel hot to the touch. Most of them will need around one hour to get the synthetic urine to the right temperature.

As a result, you can prep the synthetic urine at home, add the pads, and start driving to your work or drop-off location. The synthetic urine should reach the ideal temperature by the time you arrive.

Heating synthetic urine in a microwave

If you don’t have pads, then your microwave can also do the trick.

Most collection vials are made from thermo-resistant plastic that is also microwave-safe. However, you should double-check this on the package, since some manufacturers might do things differently. Brands will write whether their product is safe to use in the microwave or not.

Also, never leave it for more than 10 seconds in the microwave, to avoid overheating the sample or even damaging the formula. After the first microwave session, check the temperature strip to see if the synthetic urine is warm enough, and repeat the step if necessary.

Heating synthetic urine with hand warmers

Hand warmers are also a convenient way to heat your synthetic urine. Since they are portable, you can get the liquid at the right temperature shortly before you need to drop off the sample.

This way, you won’t have to worry about the synthetic urine cooling too much until it’s delivered.

Just attach the synthetic urine vial to the warmer and keep it there until the temperature strip shows it’s in the right range. Don’t keep it there for too long, since the synthetic urine may overheat, and you will need to buy extra minutes for it to cool off.

Heating synthetic urine with your body

If you cannot use any of the methods above, you still have a great heating machine with you at all times: your own body.

The only problem with this method is that it will take longer for your body heat to warm the synthetic urine. So it's best to do it as soon as possible and have at least 1-2 hours as a buffer.

Just discreetly conceal the vial underneath your clothes on the warmest part of your body, which is typically around the core. For best results, the vial needs to make direct contact with the skin.

Men find it easier to conceal the vial under their underpants, while for women under the bra is preferable. You can test your method at home to make sure the vial is not visible, and change your outfit. Wearing something looser can help.

Maintaining the synthetic urine warm: tips and tricks

So you heat your synthetic urine at home and get it to that sweet 90-100 F spot. But, how can you prevent it from cooling off too much by the time you arrive at the drop-off location?

Sadly, synthetic urine can cool off much faster than real urine. The same applies to its heating. But, there are some ways to preserve the right temperature for longer.

Check out these useful tips and tricks:

Keep it on your body

You can use your body temperature to keep the synthetic urine warm. After you use your heating method at home, conceal it under your clothes, ensuring it makes direct contact with your skin.

Synthetic urine should never have direct contact with sunlight anyways, so it’s best to hide it somewhere safe.

Plan in advance

It helps if you time the entire process properly. First, check your synthetic urine to see how long it may take you to get it to the ideal temperature while taking into account your heating method.

Then, consider other logistical aspects, such as how long the drive to your work is, and whether you have any other activities planned before you need to give your sample, such as a work meeting.

Most manufacturers recommend using synthetic urine right away, but you may have a few hours of wiggle room. Check the instructions to see how long the synthetic urine can remain viable after preparing it or opening the seal.

Consider the space

With unsupervised drug tests, you can simply drop off your sample and as long as it has the right temperature and color, it won’t draw any suspicion.

But with supervised tests, you should also take your “working space” into account. Most likely you’ll need to take in your bathroom at work, so think about how big the stalls are and how much wiggle room it offers.

This can also help you choose the right synthetic urine delivery device, or it may even allow you to conceal some useful items there.

Use heat activators

Quick Luck and Sub Solution offer a more ingenious way to deliver synthetic urine at the perfect temperature.

These fake pee kits both contain a proprietary heat activator you can use to warm your fake pee in just a few minutes. It's essentially a powder you need to add to the synthetic urine and shake to dissolve.

Once it dissolves, just wait for the synthetic urine to reach the ideal temperature by looking at the strip. This can be a very convenient solution if you cannot warm the pee at home beforehand, or don't have time for other methods like using body heat.

The only issue with this method is that you need to be careful how much product you use. It's best to test it at home and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Usually, you’ll only need around a quarter of Quick Luck and Sub Solution’s heat activators, but it may be different if you’re using another activator.

If you do overheat the synthetic urine, take the cap off the vial and gently blow it to cool it. Always be sure to check the temperature strip before handing over your sample, no matter which heating method you choose.

FAQs Related To Synthetic Urine

1. What is the best brand of synthetic urine?

Test Clear’s Powdered Urine Kit is the top synthetic urine on the market. The formula is designed to perfectly mimic organic urine in terms of how it looks, smells, and even at a chemical level.

However, you cannot go wrong with any of the other brands in this list, all of which offer tried and tested synthetic urine kits.

2. Is synthetic urine legal?

Since synthetic urine is becoming more popular as a method to beat drug tests, many states are looking to ban it. Some of them have even done it.

Check your state laws to be sure. Usually, synthetic urine is free to sell and purchase in most states.

3. What happens if my employer discovers I used synthetic urine?

Using synthetic urine is a risk, especially if you give a low-quality or novelty product as a sample.

Your employer may give you another chance to retake the drug test. However, it’s important to understand that employment termination may also be possible.

4. Can synthetic urine really pass a drug test?

If the synthetic urine contains key elements found in human pee (such as urea) and matches the color and smell of real urine, then it can pass most drug tests.

However, the type of test could also factor in, as some more advanced ones look at key biomarkers.

5. What are the worst brands of synthetic urine?

The market for synthetic urine is booming, so there are a lot of products that look good on paper but will not deliver results.

Always check if the product contains key ingredients like urea, and read customer reviews to find out if the synthetic urine is legit or not.

6. Does synthetic urine work for both men and women?

There are some biological differences between men's and women's urine, but drug tests don’t analyze the quality or biology of the sample.

Instead, they look for traces of drugs. All the synthetic urine brands on this list can be used by both men and women.

7. Where can I buy synthetic urine?

Online might be the best place to find high-quality synthetic urine. This way, you can purchase it straight from the manufacturer and avoid the risk of buying a dupe.

Moreover, you can shop around to find better deals and products that suit your specific needs best.

8. How do you deliver a supervised synthetic urine sample if you're a man?

Supervised drug tests can pose a problem for men who deliver the sample at a urinal. Asking to use the bathroom stall can look suspicious.

However, products like the Urinator or the Incognito Belt can discreetly deliver synthetic urine. Practice at home to perfect your technique.

9. What’s the most common reason why synthetic urine fails?

It usually comes down either to human error or a product that doesn't closely resemble organic pee.

It’s very important to choose the right synthetic urine, with a proven track record of beating drug tests. Also, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely, to avoid any mistakes that could cost you.

10. What’s the best way to hide synthetic urine?

Hide the urine sample underneath your clothes, preferably in the groin or bra area if you’re a woman.

This way, you can also keep the synthetic urine at the right temperature for longer, and conceal the existence of the vial.

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Conclusion: Can Synthetic Urine Beat A Drug Test?

Learning you need to take a drug test you know you’ll fail can be scary. Luckily, synthetic urine can provide an easy escape plan to get over this moment unscathed.

If you’re looking for a brand of synthetic urine you can trust, Test Clear’s Powdered Urine Kit is the best product you can buy in 2023. However, you honestly won't go wrong with any of the other brands on this list.

As long as you plan in advance and choose the right product for your specific case, synthetic urine can help you pass a drug test with flying colors.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not condone or encourage the use of synthetic urine for any illegal activity. It is important to comply with local laws and regulations regarding drug testing.

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