Thanksgiving 2017 Survival Guide

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Thanksgiving — the day when friends and family gather to enjoy a bountiful meal filled with good food — is upon us.

Of course, reality sets in and things happen: The turkey overcooks, your drunk uncle shows up, or someone forgets to bring dessert.

To make sure things run smoothly, take a look at this handy survival guide, offering advice on how to make the perfect pie, turkey hacks, and — if all else fails — where to get a good Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant.
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Courtesy of Kitchen 305
Thanksgiving 2017: Miami To-Go Meal Guide. It's your turn to make dinner at your house. Instead of enduring the usual cooking nightmare, how about serving a perfect turkey or ham with delicious fixings? To accomplish this feat of culinary magic, simply make a phone call, pick up your meal, and hide the foil pans before guests arrive.
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Courtesy of Meat Market Miami Beach
Thanksgiving 2017: Miami Restaurant Guide. If you're avoiding exasperated travelers and family drama by staying home, you'll be happy to learn there are plenty of restaurants offering turkey dinner right here in balmy South Florida. Reservations are strongly suggested, and prices don't include tax and tip in most cases.
Six Tips on How to Snag Knaus Berry Farm's Cinnamon Rolls. For many Miamians, a trek south to the farm stand on its first day of business is a family tradition. For others, it's a rite of autumn. In any event, lines at Knaus are long. Here are some pro tips to ensure you snag some delicious rolls.
Five Thanksgiving Hacks From Miami's Best Chefs. Thanksgiving is the time when family and friends gather around the table to share both warm feelings and good food. Well, that's the Hallmark Channel myth anyway. The reality, of course, is that Uncle Phil will drink too much and divulge that he voted for Trump, and your mom will tell you that she should have made the turkey because yours was too dry.
Fireman Derek's Five Steps to the Perfect Pie for Thanksgiving. Pie is the capper to any and every Thanksgiving celebration, but mastering it is perhaps the most challenging part of the meal. Sogginess, underbaking, and the wrong equipment are all baking sins that have probably sent you out of the room with your head hung low. If you’re beginning to doubt your skills as the big day creeps closer, take some advice from the pie man himself, Derek Kaplan of Miami's legendary Fireman Derek’s Pies.