Wynwood Dome Survived Irma, but Upcoming Events Are Still Canceled

Wynwood Dome
Courtesy of SWARM
Wynwood Dome
Wynwood's most structurally unconventional venue went unscathed during Hurricane Irma, but its team has canceled all upcoming events for now.

Wynwood Dome's monthly Party in a Cave, like other similar events around town, has gained popularity over the past couple of months for the escapist, extrasensory experience it provides and for perks like complimentary cocktails that are often included with ticket purchases.

Emilly Lana Mayorga, event manager at Swarm, which produces events at the Dome, located at 226 NW 22nd Ln., says the geodesic structure sustained no damage during Irma because staff took precautions.

While the rest of Miami hurricane-proofed windows using plywood and other creative solutions, Wynwood Dome's tarp was removed and its bathroom trailer and water tank were placed inside. Mayorga assures that the unique architecture of the venue, which has a capacity of 350 people, spared it a lashing from Irma's punishing wind gusts. "The Dome structure stayed up throughout the hurricane because the geodesic shape of the Dome is the safest and sturdiest structure there is," she says.

Wynwood Dome's last event took place on Labor Day weekend, but as of this past Monday morning, Mayorga told New Times that it was "still up in the air" whether this weekend's Party in a Cave would go on. Asked what conditions organizers were waiting on, she said they were "seeing if the structure can be put back together in time."

By Monday afternoon, Party in a Cave was officially canceled, along with all upcoming events at Wynwood Dome "for the foreseeable future," Mayorga said. She would not comment further about the reasons for the cancellations but said they are "not due to the hurricane."

UPDATE: Tony Albelo, CEO of Swarm, reached out to New Times on September 27 for an update on the status of Wynwood Dome’s events. Good news: they’re back.

Albelo says Swarm cancelled events due to what he calls a “mini-perfect storm” of being forced to partially disassemble the Dome due to Hurricane Irma, and a construction project that was supposed to take place in the Dome’s location. That construction project has now been delayed indefinitely, so the tarp is going back on in time for a relaunch at this Saturday’s “Party in a Cave.”

The Dome will stay in place for the near future at least through Art Basel, says Albelo. Its interior will be transformed into a recreation of a Munich beer hall during Sam Adams Oktoberfest, and Swarm plans an immersive, 360 degree viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for Halloween.