Video: Man Pulls Gun at Miami Gas Station During Hurricane Irma Rush

As Hurricane Irma plows toward Miami, plywood and bottled water are roughly as hard to find as a good Donald Trump Twitter take, and lines for gas have grown to Soviet proportions. Through it all, the vast majority of Miamians have acted with grace, patience, and good humor. But not everyone has been totally cool under fire.

A video shot last night at a Mobil station packed with hurricane preppers trying to snag some fuel shows a man whipping out a gun and angrily pointing it at another driver.

The woman who filmed it, Melanie, says in a text message to New Times that she was filling up her tank Wednesday evening at the Mobil station at Coral Way and SW 32nd Avenue when the car involved in the dispute blocked her way out of the lot.

"I saw that guy pulling his gun out on the other driver," Melanie says. "They were fighting over some gas!"

The armed man in the fanny pack apparently realized he'd gone too far, though: Melanie says he quickly put away his weapon and sped out of the lot.

"The guy was mad and impulsive and pulled out the gun, immediately regretting it afterwards," she says. "He drove away speeding."

It's not clear if anyone called the police over the incident. a Miami PD spokesperson didn't immediately respond to a call and an email about the video.

In general, though, Miami police agencies say they haven't heard of much trouble as massive crowds battle traffic and long lines to prep for Irma's arrival.

"We haven't had any reports of fights or any serious trouble at all," says Det. Argemis Colome, a spokesperson for Miami-Dade Police.

Indeed, there are plenty of reports of Miamians being kind to one another amid all the stress and chaos:
This weekend will be stressful as hell, Miami. Be like Cafecito Guy, not the fanny pack road rager. Let's take care of one another out there.