Dwyane Wade Has Enrolled His Children In South Florida Schools Again

If there's one thing Miami fans have learned over the past few years, it's that no NBA offseason would be complete without a conspiracy theory involving a prominent player linked to the Heat. The latest rumor, though, isn't about just any big-name player No, this delicious trail of NBA offseason breadcrumbs hints at the potential return of Dwyane Wade, the greatest player in Heat history. Remember him? Yup. Same guy.

While most Heat fans have become accustomed to monitoring potential Heat players' Twitter and Instagram activity, 940-AM WINZ host Andy Slater has thrown out a new detail that gives hope to Wade fans pining for his return from the Chicago Bulls:
Yeah, that's a clue. Of course, the fact that Wade's two sons have transferred back to South Florida schools doesn't necessarily mean he'll ever lace up his sneakers in the home locker room at American Airlines Arena again. For starters, Wade has always kept a house in Miami, and it's quite possible his sons simply missed the area where they were raised. Wade could also just be moving his kids back to the city where he'll likely spend most of his time when his playing days are over.

None of this means Wade will play basketball for the Heat next season (or in 2018, for that matter), but it certainly is fun to speculate what it would be like if he pulled on a Heat uniform again. Even those who believe Wade wouldn't fit into the Heat's roster have to admit it's fun to envision what a second Wade stint could look like if he were willing to accept a diminished role.

One thing is certain: Heat players aren't on the fence. They're all for Wade coming back to Miami. Last month, Dion Waiters made it clear he'd love to play alongside Wade, and just this past weekend, Hassan Whiteside told reporters at an event he hosted that he would also welcome Wade's return.
"It'd be great," Whiteside told the Sun Sentinel's Ira Winderman. "It's a three-time NBA champion coming back, coming in and really helping."

"Obviously this is something that D-Wade helped build," Whiteside added, "so obviously this city and us as a team being able to have somebody like that on our team would be amazing."
So there you have it. Wade might be returning to Miami. Or he might not. What is confirmed is that his kids are once again doing algebra in South Florida. Speculate on!