Miami Ranks Third Most Instagrammed City in the U.S.

Photo by Ellen De Vos / Flickr
Miami is doing it for the 'Gram.
Say cheese, Miami. You're probably in somebody's selfie right now.

According to a recent study, Miami is one of the most Instagrammed U.S. cities, ranked third behind New York City and Los Angeles.

Research conducted by vacation rental search engine Holidu counted the number of hashtags identifying cities across the nation to determine which locals are really repping their home on the 'Gram. The site counted 49,657,276 #Miami hashtags to date. By comparison, NYC racked up 148,693,770; the tenth city on the list, Houston, sneaked by with 11,391,223.

The findings seem to indicate that residents of Miami, only the 42nd most populous city in the country, are especially Instagram-happy compared to locals in cities with much higher populations, such as Chicago (#5), Atlanta (#6), and Boston (#8). In what Holidu dubbed a "battle of party cities," Miami even bested Las Vegas, which came in fourth. Hey, the Magic City was once ranked America's vainest, after all.

Of course, plenty of factors can account for Miami's popularity on Instagram. South Florida is a magnet for tourists, who tend to take and post more photos than locals. Holidu reports that Miami Beach and Wynwood Walls, both hubs for vacationers, ranked among the top location hashtags in town.

Plus, the population of Miami is a nebulous thing; its official ranking of 42nd in the nation doesn't account for adjacent cities that are often unofficially considered part of Miami, such as Miami Beach and Coral Gables. Add up all of the 305's official and unofficial parts, and the population-Instagram ratio begins to look more normal.

But there's also evidence that Miami might deserve an even higher ranking on the list. A Holidu spokesperson tells New Times that its research counted only #Miami hashtags, leaving out associated tags such as #MIA and #305. Including #305 alone would have added an additional 2,242,354 posts to Miami's tally, Holidu reports.

Holidu's full rankings:

1. New York City (148,693,770 hashtags)
2. Los Angeles (69,471,084 hashtags)
3. Miami (49,657,276 hashtags)
4. Las Vegas (49,378,611 hashtags)
5. Chicago (31,549,749 hashtags)
6. Atlanta (25,690,367 hashtags)
7. San Diego (16,022,252 hashtags)
8. Boston (13,932,565 hashtags)
9. Seattle (13,201,305 hashtags)
10. Houston (11,391,223 hashtags)