Watch a Miami Hurricanes Football Camper Execute the World's Worst High Dive

For the second year in a row, the Miami Hurricanes hosted their Paradise Camp last week in Coral Gables to bring in top high-school football talent from across the nation. The football portion of the camp made plenty of news in college football circles, but until today, the world had completely missed by far the best part of the camp: in a video clip bound for infamy, a camper attempting, and spectacularly failing, to pull off an epic backflip from the highest diving platform at a local pool.

Clips of the epic fail went bananas across the web today after reaching the front page of Reddit, but the Palm Beach Post's Matt Porter did us all a solid when he figured out that the clip originated with Miami Hurricanes running back Trayone "Choc" Gray's Instagram account.

New Times has attempted to identify the mystery belly-flopper, but a UM spokesperson didn't immediately respond to questions.

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Well, that is certainly one way to get the coaching staff's attention. It's also a tremendous way to receive medical attention. Luckily, the belly-flopper gave a thumbs-up when he arose from the depths of his underwater embarrassment and seems to have a mostly intact body.

Now that the shenanigans are over, the Hurricanes can concentrate on not flopping in their September 2 season opener against Bethune-Cookman.