Henry Hané Looks to the Future With B Bistro + Bakery Revamp

Ceviche at B Bistro.
Courtesy of B Bistro
Ceviche at B Bistro.
When Bachour Bakery + Bistro opened in March 2016, it was greeted by long lines of Brickell residents and office workers clamoring for a taste of the eatery's fare.

The owners, after all, were the makings of a dream team: Antonio Bachour's gorgeous pastries and buttery croissants were paired with Henry Hané's savory dishes.

Bachour's pastry prowess pulled him in other directions, however, and he parted ways with the bistro in April. Hané has since taken the reigns with the assistance of two longtime employees. Aleric Constantin, formerly of Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, is chef de cuisine, and Alexis Kwakernaat oversees all front-of-the-house operations. After closing for less than a week, the restaurant reopened yesterday as B Bistro + Bakery.

Hané says the "B" stands for Brickell and is a reminder that the eatery is focused on the needs of the community in which it resides. "I always hung out in Brickell. We're a neighborhood restaurant." Savvy diners will also note that the "bistro" element now takes the forefront in the eatery's name.

Hané confirms that the specialty now will be as much on the savory side as the pastries. "The food never got the recognition, but it's a whole concept. We're covering all the fields of what a great breakfast and lunch spot can be."

Menu changes will roll out weekly, but favorites such as avocado toast and Brussels sprouts caesar will remain, according to the chef. "These are the ones that have made a name for us."

Hané says that going forward, the pastry program will concentrate less on French items and more on classic American favorites with Latin American influences. "We want to represent our community and plant the seeds of flavors that are very well known, but reinventing how they're presented to you."

Still, the level of quality will not change. "We are focused on maintaining our high-end profile. We are meticulous in what we do. Even though we are a bistro, I try to run this business as if it were a Michelin-starred restaurant. We have standards in the way we clean, the way we cook, the way we act in the kitchen."

Hané still promises value for diners who want good food in a hurry. "Money and time are both things that people don't have much to spare. They want to be in and out and have a good meal."

In the coming weeks, B Bistro + Bakery will host a series of pop-up dinners presenting different guest chefs and menus. Says the chef/owner: "At nighttime, Brickell is booming. All the restaurants in City Centre are busy. We thought a small, romantic, casual dining concept will work."

Still, despite all of the changes, one thing will remain the same, Hané says. "We make everything in-house. Everything we do starts from scratch. That's something that defined who we are and what we are. We're very proud of it."

B Bistro + Bakery. 600 Brickell Ave., Miami; 305-330-6310; Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.