Smiley-Faced Tokens Provide the VIP Life at Basement Miami

Courtesy of Basement Miami
At a time when almost no one can agree on anything, we all concur that proper hookups are awesome. Getting something you totally don't deserve or didn't pay for is great. No one can turn down more for less, especially if it means living the VIP life. The people behind Basement Miami, a dance-your-ass-off, seatless adult nightclub and playground located in South Beach, hook you up better than your bartender friend in college.

Since opening in December 2014, Basement, created by the legendary Ian Schrager of Studio 54, has long had a secret hot-pink smiley-face token that led famous people down a yellow-brick road straight to an amazing night. However, beginning last week, Miami-Dade residents had the opportunity to get a token for free entry, and on select nights, free bowling, skating and dancing.

Here's how the smiley token of love works: Head to Basement, give a little smile, and mention the super-secret-not-secret-anymore smiley token at the hostess stand. Then flash your valid Miami-Dade ID, and they’ll give you the hookup. That's it. You're basically Dwayne Johnson.

The token, which you can easily attach to your keychain like that gym membership you never use, gets you a boatload of stuff, including free entry to the club with no lines or waiting and access to perks such as drink specials, discounts on bowling and skating, and VIP experiences throughout the year. There's also a 10 percent discount at Market, the Miami Beach Edition’s café and patisserie.

According to Joshua Wagner, director of culture and entertainment at the Miami Beach Edition, Basement has been such a hit with VIPs that the powers that be decided it was time to spread the smiley-faced love. "When we first launched, it was reserved for celebrities and VIPs," Wagner says. "However, Basement has always been a nightclub that’s about inclusivity rather than exclusivity, which is why we decided to make it rain with pink smiley tokens for our locals."

The smiley-token promotion is for Miami-Dade residents only, so Palm Beach, Broward, and Monroe County clubgoers will still have to "get in line," Wagner says. Hey, if it were available to everyone, it wouldn't exactly be a hookup, would it?

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